Restaurant of the Week: Pupuseria Cuscatleca

This week’s restaurant: Pupuseria Cuscatleca (whew!), 990 E. Holt Ave., Pomona.

I noticed this restaurant’s sign (I’m going to avoid typing the name a third time) some weeks back while taking Holt into Pomona for a council meeting, and finally returned for a meal at lunchtime the other day. It’s in an older, one-story building directly across the street from the Pala Motel. (It appears the restaurant relocated from 1380 S. Garey.)

The interior is L-shaped and the entrance is at the bottom right of the L. In other words, when you walk in, your view of the back half of the restaurant is blocked by a wall. I took a seat near the door and have no idea what you see if you sit toward the back along the left wall. Just one of those quirks of a space that may not even have been designed for a restaurant.

As the name implies, the restaurant has pupusas. I’ve had those in Upland. They’re Salvadoran and are like a corn pancake filled with a thin layer of meat, cheese and beans. The colorful menu downplays the pupusas and plays up seafood dishes, many of which looked pretty good from the photos and descriptions. But I decided to stick to the pupusas.

I ordered two, with pork — my options were two or three — and frankly one would have been plenty for me; they’re good but filling. There was a pleasant cabbage and carrot salad on the side. I also had an agua fresca of pineapple. I couldn’t see them make it, of course, but I could hear the blender whirring behind the wall. The frothy juice drink was served in a goblet and hit the spot on a hot day.

The server, who may be the owner or co-owner, was very nice to the visiting Anglo who probably stuck out like a sore thumb. There’s an A in the window and the place (see how I avoided typing all those syllables again?) serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Not sure what the individual items cost but the bill came to $6.50, which wasn’t bad for a satisfying lunch.

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  • meg

    I love pupusas, and especially the _curtido_ (the cabbage salad that comes with them). I’ll have to try this joint to see if they’re as good as Guasalmex.

    [Not to mention El Tamale Y Pupusa, with locations in Upland and Montclair. And gracias for the name of the cabbage salad. — DA]

  • I believe the cabbage and carrot salad “on the side” is intended to be eaten on the pupusa itself. At least that’s what I was told, and I’ve always eaten them that way. I haven’t had one in years, but now I’m craving one. Thanks for highlighting another one of Holt St’s finest.

    [You’re welcome, Goddess. — DA]

  • rp


    The first time you type in a repeated phrase, select and copy the next time. It’s my cheat on repeating complex passwords and other stuff.

    [That was just my way of joking about how complicated the name is. — DA]