Pomona restaurants are all over the map

Looking up Pupuseria Cuscatleca (shoot, I had to type the name all over again) for a blog post last week, I Googled it. One hit that came up was a surprise to me: a page from Pomona’s city website where you can search for restaurants.

Good ol’ Pomona, hiding its light under a bushel again.

Check the page out here. The list is actually fairly up to date — I noticed Pho Vi and Philadelphia Broasted Chicken on the list — although Osuna’s ought to be deleted, as it became El Molcajete, which has a separate entry, a year or two ago. There are numerous places I’ve never even heard of, perhaps topics for future culinary exploration.

I’m pleased to report that, based on the list, Pomona has a restaurant for 24 letters of the alphabet, missing only U and X. Restaurateurs should feel free to take that as a challenge.

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  • nancy

    What about Xochimilco on Indian Hill?

    [As noted here when I reprinted my “A to Z” piece on them, Xochimilco closed three years ago. Guess you haven’t been there in a while! — DA]

  • Darlene Blocker

    I was reading my new issue of Rachael Ray’s magazine, and came across this mention of a Pomona cafe on pg.132. In an article about side trips from L.A. she mentions stopping at Casa Jiminez Mexican Grill, 280 West 3rd St., Pomona for a road snack. “You’ll wait in line with students from nearby Pomona College.”

    [Snort! I doubt anyone from Pomona College is driving that far. Thanks for the find, Darlene. — DA]