‘N Things

Linens ‘n Things at Montclair Plaza is liquidating, part of the closure of one-fourth of the chain’s American stores after a bankruptcy filing. I pass by on Monte Vista Avenue almost daily and see someone standing there with a sign advertising the latest discount. It’s now 20 to 50 percent.

If you want linens, sure, you can go to Linens N Things without guilt. But what if you’re in the market for things?

That gets dicier, because Upland is home to the sublimely named Thoughts N Things, a much smaller operation that would appear to compete directly for the things market.

Discounted things or mom-and-pop things? Gad, what an ethical dilemma.

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  • http://diversitown.blogspot.com meg

    Thoughts N Things, huh? What kind of thoughts does TNT sell? I wouldn’t mind buying a few, if I could be assured of their quality.

    Things I have more than enough of, thanks.

    [You should stroll in and announce to the cashier, “A penny for your Thoughts.” — DA]

  • Lisa

    The Linens ‘n Things in Chino is also closing.

  • Ramona

    It’s good to know we’ll still have an outlet for Things. I wasn’t aware until now of Thoughts and Things.

    What kind of thoughts? Do they issue a loyalty card? Can I turn in my old, used thoughts for a discount on new ones? Do they welcome browsers so we can think about the purchase before committing? Can I order from their internet site?

    Too bad for them. I have new thoughts and I didn’t even have to expend gas or get out the credit card.

    Now, if someone would just open a store to get Stuff.

    Keep cool!


    [Another question: Are layaways of thoughts accepted? — DA]

  • Will

    There is a place to get Stuff: Pizza ‘n’ Stuff in La Verne. And if you’re looking for any Such, there’s Pizza ‘n’ Such in Claremont. Hope that helps, Ramona.

    [The problem comes if you’re midway between the two and feel like pizza. Which is the tiebreaker: “stuff” or “such”? — DA]

  • Bob House

    I find I save a lot of time by shopping at Things, Stuff & Beyond.