‘Things’ past

Sid Robinson has joined the blogosphere. A Claremont High grad who may be best known for his years as L.A. County Fair spokesman, Sid has been blogging for a few weeks now.

I just discovered his blog this week when he wrote about “Things that aren’t here anymore,” kindly noting yours truly’s role as a collector of such ephemera.

Sid wrote a post sharing memories of places he enjoyed growing up like Thriftymart, Value Fair and Magic Tower Burgers. Oh, and a Keds shoe store run by midgets. Good reading, and he even has a few photos.

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  • Hey David,

    Thanks for the mention and for your comments. I’ve enjoyed reading your blog with the similar type of columns, and so I went that direction with my own version.

    [As long as you don’t start a “Restaurant of the Week” feature, your blog is all right by me, Sid! — DA]

  • Renee

    Sid and I went to high school together at Claremont High. It’s great to reconnect with him, if only through his blog. And David, your blog is pretty cool, too. Your newspaper column makes me laugh out loud regularly.

    [Thank you, Renee. — DA]

  • Don J

    The New Balance outlet down past the 15 on 4th in Ontario gets “throwback” Keds in stock every so often. If you like the idea of walking around in Wallace Beery’s idea of athletic shoes it’s worth a looksee.

  • David… I promise, no restaurants of the week, but I was thinking about some of my personal favorite places around town — more of a one-shot deal. Thanks again… Sid