Still a lotta Starbucks

The 600 Starbucks that are closing aren’t having much of an impact in the Inland Valley. Only one store, on 4467 E. Mission Blvd. (at Ramona) in Montclair, is shutting down. Thanks to Meg at M-M-M-My Pomona for steering us to the list. Only eight locations in all of California are closing.

Tuesday evening I took Vineyard to Holt on my way to the Ontario council meeting. A brand-new Starbucks is nearing completion on that corner — the sign is up. That was a surprise to me. But I did know about a Starbucks under construction at Vineyard and Fourth, replacing a Sizzler. Both operations will be within blocks of the Daily Bulletin and can’t be more than a mile apart.

Meanwhile, there’s still a Starbucks at Vineyard and Foothill, plus a second one inside Albertsons on the same corner. Both are across the street from Coffee Klatch, which valiantly hangs in there, and good for them.

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  • Paul

    There’s also a new Starbucks under construction on Monte Vista just south of Foothill in Montclair.

    [Specifically, at Arrow Route. — DA]

  • Ronald Scott

    When I took a tour of the new Montclair Police Station somebody asked the officer giving the tour what they were building at Arrow Route. The officer wasn’t sure, but when I told him it was going to be a Starbucks (and a Subway) he had a very happy look to him all of a sudden.

  • Lisa

    Cal Poly Pomona is also getting a full-sized Starbucks with new the library expansion project. The librarys food and drink policy may get a run for its money.

  • Chris Moran

    Really, a Starbucks less than a block away from the Daily Bulletin? I knew if I worked here long enough ….

    [Har! — DA]

  • Jerry Title

    Really Dave, I count 12 closures in the IV. They are:

    Corona 1, Fontana 2, Mira Loma 1, Montclair 1, Ontario 3, Ranch Cuc 1, Riverside 2, Upland 1.

    If you want to see the locations, go to and just follow the links for the complete list of closures.

    [The link I provided was to’s July 11-dated list of closures. That list apparently was a work in progress, because an updated list, the one to which Jerry refers, was posted Thursday and has far more closures. — DA]