Not to harp on this…

At last Thursday’s Pomona Concert Band performance, the conductor explained the next number to the audience.

“We’ll do a kind of unique Sousa march. It’s for harp and concert band — but we don’t have a harp,” he quipped. We all chuckled.

“Does anybody play the harp?” the conductor asked.

A hand or two rose.

He asked: “Did you bring your instrument?”

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  • This is about Claremont’s Concert in the Park…but my friend told me that Stevie Nicks made a surprise appearance with a classic rock band called The Answer for a rendition of “Stop Dragging my Heart Around”!! I heard the soccer moms rushed the stage as soon as everybody recognized her.

    [Can this be possible?? — DA]

  • Pulling Your Leg

    No, David, it can’t be possible. She is a ringer for Stevie Nicks (looks and voice!), but she is a friend of the band who comes out for one number during their performance. I heard when they played in La Verne for the 4th of July, a Vietnam veteran asked to speak to Stevie. She had visited him the VA hospital while he was recovering from his injuries and that visit made a big difference in his life. The fake Stevie had to come clean and admit that she wasn’t the real Stevie. The guy was obviously a little crushed. The Answer always introduce her as Stevie though and it always creates the same reaction. Somehow it doesn’t seem right though.

    [Thanks for the (not unexpected) clarification. — DA]

  • The woman (singing with The Answer) who looks like Stevie Nicks is Michelle Tyler, the lead singer of BellaDonna, a Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac tribute band. We just saw them play in Temecula tonight (August 7th). Not bad, but not Stevie, either!

  • Just went to La Verne’s Concert In The Park last night at Heritage Park. We are the Maui Wowi Hawaiian Coffees & Smoothies franchise owners who vend at the concerts every summer.

    The Answer once again introduced “Stevie Nicks” who sang the Tom Petty song. In the second set, The Answer introduced Michelle Tyler, who came up to sing “Who Says You Can’t Go Back?” Same person, although she had made a costume change!

    Later, La Verne’s director of Parks & Rec confirmed to us that she is an impersonator, which was also confirmed by the Mayor of Glendora after “Stevie” appeared with The Answer at Glendora’s Concert on July 6, 2008.

    Lots of people fooled in the San Gabriel Valley and Inland Empire!

    [We’re gullible types out here, apparently. — DA]