• Lyn Williams

    Hi David–

    Thanks for visiting Cuc!

    And, what better way to be the center of attention than to run for the mayor of Pomona, since that position is being vacated. I think you would be a great advocate and a great mayor for the city of which you adore.

    Also, thank you for quenching my wonderings as I drive around the I.E. For instance, was wondering about the scaffolding on the church on Garey — and, whoop, there you are addressing it.

    As always, enjoy your columns and your blogs.

    Lyn Williams (Lyn with one “n”) LOL.

    [I ran into Lyn at dba256, the Pomona wine bar, a while back, she introduced herself and I remembered her occasional notes. “Lyn with one ‘N’,” I said, proud at having remembered! — DA]