Restaurant of the Week: New York Pizza Company


This week’s restaurant: New York Pizza Company, 1013 W. Foothill Blvd. (at Mulberry), Upland.

NYPC was formerly located in an obscure part of West 11th Street in the Upland Sports Arena pay-to-play building and moved to Foothill and Mulberry, next to Philly’s Best, a few months ago.

They have a huge array of pizzas with over 50 toppings to choose from, plus salads, pasta, subs and burgers. You order at the counter and they bring your order to your table. It’s clean and comfortable, a very modern interior with corrugated metal accents, and with clocks giving the time in Italy, New York and Upland. One wall, perhaps 15 feet long, is covered with a photo mural of Times Square, with NYPC’s sign Photoshopped in. Ha ha. By the way, can it be true that Times Square has two Sbarros in two blocks? Well, it IS Michael Scott’s favorite N.Y. pizza parlor…

I’ve been to NYPC twice in recent weeks, plus a third visit in their old location a few years back. But I can’t say I’m a fan. The first time was because a friend was working there. I went more recently to check out their new location and possibly blog about it, but a different restaurant that week ended up in this space.

In that visit, I had the pizza slice special (slice, salad and soda) and for whatever reason, the “pizza of the day,” the odd but strangely compelling Baked Ziti Pizza, called to me. It was a slice with, yes, baked ziti pasta, sauce and ricotta cheese on top. It was as weird as it sounds, albeit quite filling.

I decided to go back last week, order a conventional slice and write about it. I got the slice-salad-soda special again, this time with a plain cheese slice ($7.55 with tax).

One thing in NYPC’s favor, you get a lot of food for the money. The salad isn’t bad and the slices are enormous wedges bigger than your head. That said, this doesn’t seem like New York-style pizza to me. The crust is on the thick side, rather stiff, and it’s impossible to fold a slice in half to eat it, as New Yorkers (and those who love them) like to do. You’re just holding this giant triangle with two hands and moving it toward your mouth.

The sauce is rather bland, too, something I’d noticed on previous visits.

I’m a little surprised to be saying this because I like all kinds of pizza (while generally turning up my nose at Domino’s, Little Caesar’s and the like) and really like New York-style pizza. They do very good versions at San Biagio’s in Upland and Anthony’s Italian Kitchen in Rancho Cucamonga.

You may like NYPC’s pizza — people’s taste in pizza varies considerably — but if I go back, it will be to try a sub.

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  • meg

    That’s odd — before we moved out of their delivery range, NYPC was my favorite delivery pizza. I recall the crust being fairly thin and the slices being floppy, too.

    Given these changes plus the move, I wonder if they’re owned by someone different now?

    [Dominic, the guy who owned it before, is still there. NYPC could still be your favorite pizza; it just didn’t do much for me. — DA]

  • Lainie

    David, thank goodness it was NYPC. When I read your headline in today’s paper, restaurant of the week “… not pleased”, I thought it was San Biagio’s. I didn’t know Anthony’s in RC was on the same level as SB. A born New Yorker, there is no pizza except SB. I’m surprised you went to NYPC thinking it would even come close. I’m glad you did though. It confirms everybody’s opinion of SB. Happy eating.

    [I hope you saw my column about San Biagio’s last December. If not, it’s on their wall. Check this blog’s archives for a piece on Anthony’s. — DA]

  • rich (montclair)

    Now I know for sure people from calif. really dont know good food let alone good pizza Sam Biagios is ok pizza but it is far from the best pizza I have eaten it many times but its nothing to wirte home about (West Philly). And I wont take anyone there for pizza from back east but go to Johnnies in L.A. if you want good pizza by calif. taste the guy has real brick ovens not the black ones with stone bottom, real brick an its cooked at 900 degrees the way pizza should be cook hot and fast. Maybe I should be a food writter since I know good food (being in the food buisiness my whiole life in Philly), and if I say to go to a place you know its good and the second reason is that I am 100% Sicilian and we live to eat. Rich M

    [Yes, maybe you should be a food writter. Sorry, couldn’t resist. Thanks for weighing in, Rich. — DA]

  • Rich M.

    Ill make you a pizza in my kitchen and I am sure it will get good reviews from you, and my hoagies are the best make them all the time for the nurses at the hospital where my wife works. Remember to make a good hoagie you need good bread thats what makes a hoagie great and how its put together. Whem in doubt but it between to pieces of bread thats the rule in Philly Rich M.

  • Desdave

    My favorite spot for NY style pizza will force you to drive all the way to Hermosa Beach… but if you grab a slice from Paisano’s you will swear you are back home. Paisanos Pizza is located on Hermosa Ave just south of Pier Ave. May seem a long way, but what the hell, it’s for a slice of good pizza.

    It’s something about the water that makes the pizza (and bagels) so good back there.