Indie theaters

Today’s column is about the Laemmle movie theater in Claremont. Scroll down on this blog a bit for Thursday’s Laemmle post and click on “comments” — they’re all over the map and all the more fascinating for it. Feel free to add on there, especially after reading the column.

In recent years, numerous attempts at showing so-called art movies in the Inland Valley have been made. Circa 1997, there was a short-lived effort at the AMC 30 Ontario Mills. It had a name but I can’t recall it: Cinema something-or-other? AMC Cinematheque?

(The AMC Select promotion, a more recent innovation, has hung in there longer, this week giving us “Transsiberian,” “Brideshead Revisited” and “Henry Poole is Here.”)

The Edwards Mountain Green in Upland went all-art in the summer of (I think) 1999 for something like a week, playing “The Red Violin,” then closing for good and becoming a Michaels crafts store. That’ll teach ’em.

Mary Noonan of Claremont phoned Friday to say the UA Theater at Montclair Plaza had one screen of art films for a spell. I hadn’t heard that. And of course, several people said in the earlier blog thread about Laemmle that the old Village Theater showed quality films.

Of course, the best purveyor of indie films in the Inland Empire is a video store: Video Paradiso in Claremont. They have all the classics, new and old: Fellini, Antonioni, Godard, etc., etc. Check it out.

Any other comments or examples?

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