Sixth Street

What with heavy traffic on Mountain Avenue in Upland on Tuesday, I wasn’t able to get into the freeway lane to head back to work. So I hung a left on Sixth Street in Ontario and took it east. Much to the consternation of Sixth Streeters, I’m sure, who don’t like it when their quiet street is used as a freeway alternate.

That’s why “traffic calming” devices were installed a decade ago. These were small planters in the middle of the street that make motorists to pay attention and slow down. (Whenever I mention traffic calming, I always get an amused note in the mail from Sixth Streeter Bruce Henning, who finds the islands slightly ridiculous. We’ll see if he finds this online.)

The islands to the west are small and rather ineffectual, as they’re easily maneuvered around; the islands east of San Antonio Avenue are bracketed by curb extensions that do force you to go slow.

I was in a state of zen-like calm, lulled by the traffic island greenery and the mature trees along the right side of the street, until I looked ahead and saw a sudden lack of greenery. Namely, the green light at Euclid a block away was turning yellow. Oh well. It just gave me more time to admire Sixth Street.

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  • Dennis Sampson

    The “traffic calming” islands on 6th Street were somewhat of a novelty when they were introduced years ago. But I usually avoided 6th because of the 25mph speed limit associated with them.

    Crawling along 6th a few weeks ago, I noticed that the speed limit had returned to 35mph. Now when traveling on 6th Street at the new speed limit and following the curvy path dictated by the islands, I almost feel like I’m driving on a road race course and expect the tires to break loose at any second.

    [Bwahaha! Something tells me this isn’t what anyone had in mind. Btw, Dennis, I’ll see you around Mix Bowl. — DA]

  • Lindsay

    Funny — I completely agree with Dennis’ statements on the Sixth Street race course. When I’m driving down Sixth I’m often calmed into accelerating. But I don’t.