Weighty response

A visitor to our office requested to speak with me — and expressed great surprise when I approached the counter.

“You’ve lost a lot of weight!” the stranger exclaimed.

I get this once in a while, so I was somewhat prepared.

“I haven’t lost any weight. Actually, this is the heaviest I’ve ever been,” I said.

“But your picture in the paper…you look much heavier,” he said, a bit confused.

I put my hand at neck level. “The photo’s from here up,” I reminded him. “I have a fat face.”

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  • ren

    Tape worms work in your bottom half not up top. Or it could be all those diet tacos you eat, Dave…

    [I wrote previously about running into Richard E. Nunez and having him exclaim as well over my “weight loss.” He suggested I must have a tape worm eating away at all those restaurant pounds. — DA]