Dueling signs


For two neighboring businesses on Claremont’s Indian Hill Boulevard, it’s fire vs. water. If you stagger out of the first with a fire within, the second would seem well-equipped to douse it. Although you might not appreciate their angle of attack.

(Actually, A Fire Within is a pottery studio. Colonics is just what you think it is.)

The photo was taken by me but was suggested by Marshall Taylor, the mayor’s husband. Um, did you want credit for that, Mr. Taylor?

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  • judi

    Thanks, David! Nothing starts the day better than a good laugh, probably not even a good colonic. (Just a hypothesis I don’t ever plan to test, btw.)

    But your blog did make me ponder: what kinds of magazines would they have in the Colonics waiting room? “Good Hosekeeping”?

    [Or “Nozzleweek”? — DA]

  • Lisa

    OMG! I would never want to be seen walking into a place with Colonics on the sign. Not that I’m in the market for one, but if I were I wouldn’t want anyone to see me.

    [Maybe customers can walk into A Fire Within and go through a secret door. — DA]

  • Rusty

    Other probable magazines in the Colonics lobby: Reader’s Digested and Spurts Illustrated.

  • Way to support local business, RUDE remarks…. If you new anything about health you would’nt make negative comments. FYI: The city of Claremont would not allow me to just put my business name (Advance Detox Center). Thanks for your support. Love Claremont.

    [Sorry to have offended you, Crystal … even 14 months after this photo was posted. — DA]

  • Bob House

    Sounds like somebody is a little constipated.