Restaurant of the Week: Nancy’s Tortilleria

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Nancy’s Tortilleria, 348 S. Towne Ave. (at 3rd), Pomona

Many are the times I’ve passed this Pepto-Bismol pink building with green awnings on Towne Avenue at Third Street and thought I should go in sometime. They seemed to sell food in addition to housemade tortillas, but would they have seating? Not knowing what to expect, I put it off.

With business in Pomona on Wednesday afternoon, I decided to try Nancy’s for lunch while I was in the neighborhood.

Nancy’s is three businesses in one. Their business card calls it Nancy’s Tortilleria Carniceria and Deli. Besides the tortilla operation, Nancy’s is a small market with a large meat section. Up front the deli sells takeout tacos, burritos, sopes and other items.

The white-jacketed counterman lifted lids off a series of metal containers to show off the various meats. They all looked good; I had planned to get carne asada but went with chicken instead.

I got a chicken burrito and a small horchata to drink ($6.23 total). There is no seating inside but two tables outside in the parking lot. Not the most pleasant seating on a blazingly hot day, but at least the building cast a shadow over them.

My lunch was very good, helped along by the very fresh and tasty tortilla. I’d go back, and if you don’t mind takeout, I’d recommend Nancy’s to you too. With that color scheme you won’t have trouble finding it.

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  • michelle

    Hi David, I hope you’re doing well. I have been trying to email you but have been unsuccessful then…..I thought I will comment on a blog. So I will comment….

    On your recommendation I will try Nancy’s next time I am in Pomona on Towne Ave. Have you been back to Angelina’s? I have. I don’t think they are doing that well but I thought the food was good. I also had a chicken burrito there as you did at Nancy’s. It must have something to do with the service!!!!!!! Anyways just wanted to say HI!!!


    [Hi Michelle! Michelle was the owner of Angelina’s Cafe in Rancho Cucamonga, one of my favorite spots, before selling it reluctantly a few months ago. She’s now concentrating on catering. I went back a time or two after the sale and, well, it was fine, but I missed Michelle, and original servers Katie and Karen. So the place kinda dropped from my lunchtime rotation. I’ll go back sometime, though. — DA]

  • Kristin McConnell

    Hey, David! Long time no see! 🙂 I hope all is well with you.

    I have more Iron Skillet news and a request from Tommy. I’m going to try to email you with what’s been up.

    Talk to you soon! 🙂


    [I’m standing by. — DA]

  • desirie

    Have you ever tried a place called El Tarasco Meat Market? It’s the same kind of place as Nancy’s. They have really great food in there. They make a bunch of their own kind of salsas and many other various items. Hope to hear you tried it one day! It’s in Rancho Cucamonga on Foothill Blvd just east of Grove Ave.

    [I’ve seen El Tarasco but didn’t realize they had takeout meals. I’ll check it out sometime. It’s certainly closer to our office. Thanks. — DA]

  • Marie Navarro Woodall

    Even though I haven’t been there for many years, I am sure the quality of the food and service has not changed. The family who owns the business is wonderful. Their carnitas and tortillas are some of the best I’ve had.

  • ray

    Nancy’s is awesome. El Tarasco has great marinated chicken steak to grill on the BBQ & their takeout meals are the best.