Year Two

So, about this blog, post-anniversary.

Definitely it’s an adjunct to my column, which is the main event. The trick for me has been giving the appropriate weight to each, making the blog worth your time while not starving my column of material or attention.

Based on comments I get, most of you are happy enough with this blog. And that’s satisfying. I wish it were better, frankly, and were blogging my fulltime gig it would be. But I barely have time to think about it, really.

So this is what you get for the hour or two a day I can spare — something off-the-cuff, mildly entertaining, more personal and casual than my columns (is that possible?), plus responses to many of your comments.

Some stats I’ve been pondering as I look to the future: Although there are readers at any point of the day or evening, on weekdays there’s a peak around 9 or 10 a.m., and then a second peak around 4 p.m. Hmm.

And while weekends have the lightest readership, the 250-ish people reading then, compared to 300-ish to 500-ish on weekdays, is higher than I’d have expected.

In response, the boss has suggested that I post not just weekday mornings but in the afternoons as well, to give the morning people an excuse to check back for something other than fresh comments and, of course, to rack up more page views.

“It doesn’t have to be long,” he says. “Just something like ‘I had a burrito at lunch.'”

Uh, well, I’m skeptical anyone would check back for dispatches like that. But I can kinda see his point. I could do with some shorter posts.

And to be self-critical, this blog hasn’t been as immediate as it could be because I’m often holding onto stuff a few days to make sure I can fill the weekend, or in case I need it for my column. I’ve tried to avoid overlap between the blog and the column.

For Year Two, here’s what I’m thinking:

1) Weekday posts in the morning, just like you’re used to.

2) When possible, a short p.m. post, maybe a quick preview of the next column. But not about my burrito at lunch. (Unless it was awesome.)

3) Light posting on weekends — maybe nothing, maybe something — to lighten my load and give everyone a chance to catch up on the week past. And no more writing posts ahead when I’m out of town; that was only to keep my streak alive for the first year.

4) Continuing all the stuff I’m doing now: Restaurant of the Week, random items from various cities, a silly photo every week or so, nostalgia questions or items, personal stuff and reader mail on occasion.

5) It’s possible — this is just musing aloud — that some stuff will go on the blog first and then wind up, in the same or similar form, in my columns. Mr. Columnist/Blogger, tear down this wall!

So, here’s your chance to sound off.

What are your favorite and least favorite things about this blog? Is there anything I’m not doing here that you’d like to see?

Would you rather have a second post on weekdays than posts on weekends?

Any other thoughts on the intersection of the blog and the column?

Needless to say, your feedback is encouraged and anxiously awaited.

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  • Warren


    Anything you decide is fine with me — but DO NOT stop. I like the idea of a morning blog during the weekday and a “let’s see how I feel” blog in the afternoons and weekends. I must admit I don’t always get to the weekend postings until Monday.


  • Eric


    Actually I like the current format. If it means less work (stress) by cutting the weekends out, I would be okay with that too. Apparently I am one of the 250 that check in every day for my David Allen fix.

    So my vote would be to keep the postings as is. Once a day.

    (Congratulations on your one-year too, btw)

  • Ramona

    “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

    Use the weekends for the “see how I feel” comments.

    I’ll bet most folks are reading the blog from work during the week. (Come on, people. Admit it!!) Weekends are for family, chores, and fun stuff.

    Whatever you choose to do is fine with me as long as you and the boss are content with the content.


  • D-Force

    Vampire Weekend tonight!

    [I know, I can’t wait! — DA]

  • Steve

    I like it the way it is, especially the restaurant reviews. Tell me more about the burrito you had for lunch!

  • Ms. Lois

    I like anything you dish out. What seems important is less stress and less pressure for you. It’s impossible to please everyone and I’m more than happy to slop up anything I can get (do I sound like a dog…?).

    Keep on writing how you feel best and we’ll keep coming back for more.

  • Bill

    David, I like your blog the way it is, but whatever is easiest for you is fine with me. Don’t want you get burned out doing it all. And thanks for the past year!

  • John Clifford

    If coming back twice a day means that the newspaper makes more from those annoying ads on the side and it saves you from Steve Harvey’s fate, I’ll check in twice or thrice a day.

    [We could alter the plea in that old commercial to say: “A click or two a day, that’s all we ask!” And thanks for your continuing support, John. — DA]

  • Bob House

    I agree with other posters — it’s fine now and whatever works for you is good. I myself am also a staunch proponent of the “I’ll see how I feel” workload schedule. Thanks again for your efforts!

    [Likewise, I appreciate your virtually-from-Day-One support, Bob. — DA]

  • Brian

    Dave, you’re acting like a typical nerd, over anal-izing. Just keep doing what you’re doing, a host of us in the I.E. love your stuff.

  • mvarney

    Everything you write about is newsy and interesting. I get a kick out of your reporting on the local city council meetings. Each city has its own unique cast of characters. Personally I think you should continue as you see fit, whatever magic you have has hooked plenty of us Daily Bulletin readers. I subscribe to the paper for your column! Telling us where to buy the best burritos is a a plus.

  • Scott in R.C.


    Keep doing what you’re doing. Your food reviews, nostalgia pieces and city council meetings are always good reads.

    Maybe mix in a “blog” signing where we can enjoy a bit of your personality along with a piece of pie. Any excuse is a good one for pie.

    [You mean schedule a pie outing for anyone interested? Hmmm. — DA]

  • Jim L

    I love the the blog, Dave! Thanks and keep it up. I always feel I’m getting my money’s worth here.

    [Like they say, you get what you pay for. — DA]

  • Toni Bagley

    Hi David –
    (cue violins) “We Love You Just The Way You Are”

    You’re going nuts over-thinking this…remain calm…you are loved. Weekday blogs are better, because we’re all too busy eating burritos & pie on the weekends. Some of us are even recreating Matador Salads (thanks for the recipe). We live vicariously through you via your gastronomical exploits.

    Why did we just renew our subscription to The Daily Bulletin? DAVID ALLEN!

    Happy Rogation Day …T.B. EXcalibur 395-xxxx

    [Whew. Thanks, Toni. — DA, GUasti 3-9339]