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The Archives buttons on the left will take you to older material by date and the Category buttons on the right will take you to particular areas of interest. And the Search field on the right will also be useful; we’ve only scratched the surface of the Inland Valley, but we’ve touched on a lot of businesses and places, past and present.

In today’s column, I mention the local community-oriented blogs of which I’m aware. I’ve asked our online folks for a blogroll, or permanent links from the home page to these blogs (most of which link to my blog), but so far, no dice. Can’t blame ’em; they’re an overworked crew. They haven’t even linked this page to

So here’s the best I can do: links from this post to these local blogs.

Goddess of Pomona

M-M-M-My Pomona

Claremont Insider

Foothill Cities Blog

LA Observed

Some that I didn’t mention in that column:

Route 66 Voice by real estate broker Jennifer Castillo

Sid’s Side by longtime Claremonter Sid Robinson

Inland Empire Restaurant and Food Reviews by an anonymous eater who really gets around

Metro Pomona by the downtown merchants group

Pomona Library Children’s Room

Empoprise-IE (just added)

If you know of any other community blogs, leave a comment. We’d all like to know.

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  • Mike Kelly


    I’ve been reading you for quite some time and we are kindred spirits in several respects. I spent many years growing up just a few blocks over from Donahoo’s famous chicken on Garey Avenue.

    I’ve been meaning to post a hello, so here I am finally getting to it. Keep up the good work digging up info about this vast Inland Empire thingy.

    You might want to check out my blog (nothing to do directly with the IE, but it relates to my days as a Jungle Cruise skipper at Disneyland): It was recently highlighted as a “Blog of Note” by the folks at Blogger.

    As far as a future column for you, maybe you can solve a mystery for me. As you stroll the sidewalks around Lincoln Park (on Columbia, Lincoln, Kingsley, Palomares, Gibbs, etc.) you will see a contractor’s name imprinted into the sidewalk. I forget the name (doh!), but would love to learn more about when those sidewalks were laid down, who the company was that got the contract, how they hooked up with the City of Pomona, etc., etc., etc. I’ll bet you will find some interesting info if you take the time to explore this issue.

    First, you’ll have to head over to Lincoln Park and start walking the sidewalks with your head down, looking for the name stamped in the cement (usually near the corners — except for those that were made ADA-compliant with ramps). Once you find the name, maybe you can get the history.

    I’ll be watching to see if you are able to make something out of this little historical mystery surrounding my old neighborhood.


    Mike K.

    [I see those markings on Claremont sidewalks a lot on my walks. Sometimes there’s a year, usually in the ’50s or ’60s, as well as the contractor’s name. It’s one of those someday-I-should-look-into-that things. There’s a loooong list of those. — DA]

  • sid Robinson

    David, Thanks for including mine in the blogs of note. I guess I’ll have to update it soon. Amazing what this time of year does to change my routine and make it harder to sit down and write.

    Hey, congratulations on your one-year anniversary as a blogger. You’ve done well to keep it going — and you’ve kept it fresh. It’s a must read, as is your column.

    See you at the Fair…


  • Joared

    Congratulations on your blog’s first anniversary! I’ll be celebrating my blog’s second anniversary in a few weeks. My posts at “Along The Way” URL vary in subject matter that pertains to the past, present and future — sometimes serious, other times humorous, or just intended to be thought provoking. I’m still refining my blog page features as I acquire more technical skills.

    I usually publish a few times a week. Currently I’m having some computer Internet connectivity problems, so haven’t been able to publish quite as often, but will hope to resume posting more frequently soon.

    I’ve enjoyed reading your newspaper column but this is my first visit to your blog. Am interested in personal blogs written by those in our area.

    What has happened to the glass blower next to the theatre in the Claremont complex on the northwest corner of Indian Hill and Foothill Blvd.? I read elsewhere the new owner was causing him to give up his work area. I’ve enjoyed watching him actually blow unique glass art pieces at his furnace. This rare craftsman has provided a fascinating attraction to share with friends and out of town/state and foreign visitors.

    [Yes, I vaguely recall a Courier feature on him having to move, but that’s all I know. — DA]

  • Bob House

    Those markings are called “bugs.” I’ve always wanted to pull up the one (dated 1951) in front of my parents’ house in Claremont to keep as a memento. I thought that these bugs were a thing of the past because I hadn’t seen any new ones for decades, but we’ve got them in our neighborhood here in Phoenix — dated 1996.

    Anybody else remember this childhood rhyme we used to repeat while walking on the sidewalk? “Don’t step on a crack or you’ll break your mother’s back.” I still step over the lines on sidewalks because of it.

    [All the “bugs” I’ve seen are decades-old. A neat practice, even if it’s essentially a free ad. There was a memorable Crazy magazine cartoon in the ’70s in which a boy frustrated by his mother went out and stomped on all the sidewalk cracks, gleefully repeating the rhyme. — DA]

  • John Bredehoft

    David, I’ve been so busy talking about my Ontario Emperor blog “mrontemp” that I have neglected to mention the local blog that I started — “Empoprise-IE” at the URL. In fact, the latest post in that blog (see link) references a comment placed in one of my blogs that was addressed to you. (It seems that you need to investigate the shady activities of the Upland Public Library.)

    By the way, thanks for posting this list. I was only aware of half of the blogs that were listed.

    [John, I’ve added yours to my list. — DA]

  • Jennifer

    Thank you David for mentioning my blog. I follow yours regularly and enjoy reading about your day to day adventures. Keep ’em coming!

    [Jennifer writes the Route 66 Voice blog. — DA]