Restaurant of the Week: Fratello’s Pizza and Pasta

Fratello’s, 1667 N. Mountain Ave. (at 16th), Upland

There aren’t many places to eat above 16th Street in Upland, which is probably how privacy-lovin’ homeowners up there like it. One of the few exceptions is Fratello’s, which is in the Stater Bros. center along with Rancho Los Magueyes, Happy Wok, Legends and the Bulldog Pub.

I first visited Fratello’s last week. It’s on the small side, just a few tables, a bar and an open kitchen, but the ambience is pleasant enough: golden paint, dark wood, comfortable seating and vintage wine posters. The insistent music may be a bit much.

I tried one of the $5.99 lunch specials: a cheese pizza slice, salad and soda. The salad was above average, aided by the vinaigrette dressing. The pizza was quite good. The crust was uncommonly light and chewy. Based on this slice, Fratello’s is now my second-favorite pizza in Upland (although I still need to try Petrilli’s).

On Thursday I went back for the pasta lunch special (also $5.99): a half-order of either spaghetti or penne, meat sauce or marinara, and a soda. I went for the penne with meat. Pasta is pasta, and hard to mess up, but the sauce was hearty.

So were the ’70s rock classics playing over the sound system: “Blinded By the Light,” “Rocket Man” and “Brown Sugar,” among others. Until the next table asked that the volume be turned down.

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  • Ann

    Have you tried Giuseppe’s Restaurant Italian in Upland?? It’s not a pizza place, but a great Italian / Persian restaurant. The atmosphere is terrific and the personnel wonderful. If you want to try it out, let me know and maybe Tom and I could meet you there for lunch!

    [OK, invite me. — DA]

  • Tom Leak

    What is the sandwich situation there? I am always lookinng for good deli!

    [I can’t tell you for sure as I didn’t grab a takeout menu, but I don’t recall any sandwiches. — DA]

  • Ann


    Deli V in downtown Upland.

    It’s on the alley side of the Second Avenue Mall (just across the street and north of Boomer’s Coffeehouse). Visa (the owner) is an incredible chef, makes her own bread, homemade soups, etc. She also caters. The sandwiches and soups are delicious!


    [I can vouch for that. — DA]