Sunday column preview

Skipping Thursday’s Ontario-Montclair School District board meeting, under the theory (apparently borne out) that nothing could top the last meeting, I instead turned for a topic to our friends on the Pomona City Council.

Some weeks back, in a burst of journalistic enthusiasm, I requested and received copies of council members’ expense reports. I sweated over a hot calculator to make sense of them. Then it became clear that cell phone use was counted separately. I went back and added up all those charges. I wasn’t sure what to do with the results. Then I had a good idea what to do but couldn’t find a free column in which to present it. Hence, skipping the OMSD meeting.

At last, the results will be presented to you, the reading public. My editor says the effort was worth it. Decide for yourself on Sunday.

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  • RC Sign Contest!

    Sir David, How about a RC sign contest? Pick the top 3 candidates who will have the highest number of ugly signs plastered throughout the city come election day. The winner (or in this case loser) dines with Councilman Gutierrez at a RC eatery of “his” choice (booster seat required).

    1 Ron Stark

    2 Sam Spagnolo/James Curatalo (tied — they both will benefit from the firefighter union efforts)

    3 Rex Gutierrez (oops, sorry wrong election)

    [By “his choice,” do you mean whatever restaurant Rex finds a free gift certificate for? See the RC Now blog: . — DA]

  • dog lover

    rex the little junkyard dog

  • Mo

    See, I was actually waiting for a report of the Ontario-Montclair School Board. I guess I am going to have to check the schedule and just go to one myself. From the last few reports, it sounds just like dinner theatre.

    [Except without dinner. — DA]