St. Louis bound


I’m off for week’s vacation in and around St. Louis, Mo. My parents are now living in the suburbs on the Illinois side. Lots of sightseeing, shopping and eating is planned. For instance, no stop in St. Louis is complete without a visit to Ted Drewe’s, the frozen custard stand on Route 66.

But while I’m away, keep reading. Columns will continue to appear on schedule. And while my intention wasn’t to write blog posts in advance for vacations, I wrote a bunch anyway. Might even write one or two while I’m away.

Any St. Louis natives or admirers out there?

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  • Jeff Gaul


    My wife’s family comes from Litchfield, Illinois — not too far from your area. When we visited there it seemed like a nice small town. One of our favorite places is Merrimac caverns (west of St. Louis) and the area around there. Have you ever been there?

    [I have not, despite seeing Merrimac Caverns advertised on barns all through childhood. — DA]

  • rgwb

    We just moved to Upland in July after living in St. Louis and I enjoyed reading your blog in the months before we moved to get a picture of life in the I.E. Have a great trip and remember, you can never eat too much Ted Drewes! 😀

    [Very nice to hear that you were reading from St. Louis. Hope you like life out here. — DA]

  • Bob House

    My first taste of Drewe’s frozen custard on a business trip in the ’70s was a near-religious culinary experience. The richest version of ice cream I’ve ever tasted. St. Louis’ toasted raviolis are also good. I think the King of Garlic restaurant is also in St. Louis and I had a great garlicky meal there 8-10 years ago. Have fun on your vacation!

    [Thanks, Bob. I’m writing responses from St. Louis. Had dinner in Laclede’s Landing, the cobblestone neighborhood near the river and the Arch. — DA]

  • WendyE.

    I think Ted Drewes was highlighted in Rick Sebak’s documentary “An Ice Cream Show.” I love his documentaries, especially the one on hot dogs.

    [You’re right, it was. I’ve seen his ice cream and hot dog specials too — Sebak is a PBS documentarian — and also “Pittsburgh A to Z,” which inspired my “Pomona A to Z” series. — DA]