Wednesday column preview

First off, while this won’t matter to anyone who reads my columns online, my column has moved again, this time back to Page A3.

One aspect of the move will affect everyone, even if it’s not obvious: Because my columns will no longer “jump” to another page, they have to be shorter.

At this point they’ll all be around 550 words. Previously they ranged from 600 to 700 or even 800. Last Friday’s column on used bookstores was on the high end and starting now I could print only about two-thirds of it.

So if you always thought I nattered on too much, this is good news. If not, well, I’ll adapt and you will too. (Or, I could answer one of those spam e-mails promising more “length.”)

As for the content, Monday’s Pomona council meeting was quiet, but there was a funny angle for those of us who follow Ontario council meetings. Elliott Rothman was absent, which left a motion to pass the consent calendar and adjourn the meeting in the hands of amateurs. And Mayor Norma Torres gave me a candid interview after the meeting that will be of high interest to Pomona voters.

And before I knew it, I was out of space. Upside: I already have plenty of leftover material for Friday!

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  • meg

    Thank goodness you have the blog for spillovers. But shame on them for curtailing your prolixity! Of course, this is the same newspaper empire that yesterday raised the possibility of having one news desk for all its many newspapers — possibly in India. Feh.

    [I saw that on LA Observed and don’t know what it means. Although I’ve always wanted to see the Taj Mahal. Thanks for saying shorter columns is a bad thing. — DA]

  • Ramona

    It seems the DB is following the trend of food packagers who sell us less content for more money.

    Now they’re considering outsourcing?

    When will folks acknowledge that life is all about ME and if I don’t like it, it shouldn’t be happening.

    Echoing Meg’s “FEH!”

  • Linda

    Shame on the Daily B for shortening your column, it’s still the best read in the paper. Keep up the blog, we will always be looking and reading!!!!

    [Thanks, Linda. — DA]