Sunday column preview

Four years ago, a man named Sunit Gupta, a psychic and astrologer in Pomona (, phoned me offering his prediction of the 2004 presidential election. What the heck, I bit. Gupta picked Bush and was, of course, correct.

He phoned again in late September to give me the worldwide exclusive on the 2008 election. What with one thing or another, we didn’t speak until Oct. 14, but he chose a candidate and offered some post-election insight. Can you stand the suspense until Sunday? I predict that you can.

Not only that, but we’ll have news of close shaves on the Ontario City Council, a correction to my recent mention of the International Bowling Hall of Fame and a gloomy piece of economic news from Ontario. All this in only (sob!) 16 column inches. How do we do it? Volume!

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