Your Inland Valley traffic advisory

Based on my recent drives, I can offer these cautionary notes:

* At least as of Oct. 15, South Euclid Avenue in Ontario from a street I can’t remember to Riverside Drive is a hell ride. That was the day I had a lunch date at Taylor’s Cafe and found traffic slowed to a standstill, three lanes funneled into one, for massive reconstruction and installation of a new traffic signal. Maybe it’s cleared up now — I don’t dare drive back down there to check.

* In Montclair, Central Avenue is in pieces from the northern city limits to the 10 Freeway, near Montclair Plaza. Better they’re doing this work now than during Christmas shopping, but that doesn’t make me want to drive it.

* Similarly, Monte Vista Avenue near Montclair Plaza also has lanes narrowed and pavement torn out, although not as drastically.

Better to just avoid Montclair until further notice. Will you miss it? If you live in Montclair, or you really need new clothes at the mall, use your best judgment.

* East Holt Boulevard at Euclid Avenue in Ontario remains a pit of despair, five lanes squeezed into two. Avoid at all costs.

This traffic advisory has been brought to you by the forces of change.

Any other torn-up streets to avoid, readers?

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  • Sister Julianna

    I can think of several “washboard” roads out there that you better steer clear of (No pun intended — no, really!) if you have any loose teeth or old fillings!

    Two major complaints are:

    –Second Avenue from downtown Upland north to Foothill

    –San Antonio south of 7th Street to the Ontario city boundary

    However, I have to admit that there have been many improvements in the past eight years in Upland. Many roads, sidewalks and alleys have been repaired or replaced, some (like our alley) for the FIRST time in 50 years!

    And while we’re griping, I can’t tell you how many near misses I have endured at east bound 7th Street and the 10-W offramp! People don’t know what to do at a stop sign any more. It’s ONE car per lane. An eight-sided red sign shouldn’t be treated like a green light!!

    [7th Street from the Upland city limits east to Mountain Avenue is kind of washboardy too. — DA]

  • Pat

    Don’t get me started! Aside from our city streets, the 10 fwy. drives me crazy(er). West from Euclid to White, at least, is quite an uneasy stretch.

    The roadway has “seams” in nearly every lane as well as attempts at patching so that it is uncomfortable (as in, a feeling of danger) and uncertain to drive in either of them. Driving on the rut gives one the feeling of falling off the edge and into the next lane. Add to this situation the afternoon sun on the roadway and the shine off all the large and small patches makes it a treacherous drive.

    Also, Hi to Sister Julianna! She is such an eloquent griper! Love you Sister! Sorry, Dave, I know this is your eloquent blog and you are not bad yourself. I so enjoy your column and blog!

    [Thanks, Pat. I know what you mean about the 10, and it’s just as bad east of Euclid. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if you’re in your lane because of all the misleading visual cues (seams, ruts, reflections). — DA]

  • Scott in R.C.


    Thanks for the updated street conditions.

    You made a brief mention about a lunch date at Taylor’s Cafe. Please tell me about it as I have been by there literally thousands of times, and have never been brave enough to stop and go inside that small, retangular building. They must be doing something right as it’s been there forever, at least as long as I can remember.


    [Hi, Scott. Well, I did a column on Taylor’s back on, let’s see, July 11. (No longer online, sorry.) The place is full of character, and characters. There’s a bar but they also have food, B-L-D. The ribeye steak will bring tears to your eyes. — DA]