Blue (jeans) state

Passing by the Levi’s store at Victoria Gardens recently, I couldn’t help but notice the provocative window display, of which the four or so mannikins were the least interesting part.

At their feet, in two piles, were bundles of a single issue of the LA Times from Oct. 4. Its six-column, two-deck A1 headline:

Approval of bailout comes amid signs
that a steep recession is just beginning

On the temporary wall behind the mannikins was a map of the United States with one word across it: “Vote.”


The message isn’t necessarily partisan (but may be). I would interpret it like this: These are tough times. Elections matter. So does your vote.

Speaking of the economy, the display must have given the LAT a (brief) shot in the arm, since it includes 120 copies of the Sunday paper, at $1.50 each..

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