Halloween horror

From indefatigable trivia buff Don J. comes word of a trio of horror movies with scenes shot in the (gaaaah!) Inland Valley.

* Says Don: “William Castle’s ‘Macabre’ (1958) was cited by no less an authority than Stephen King as the scariest horror movie shot in Chino.” I wonder how much competition there is?

(For screenings of “Macabre,” incidentally, theatergoers were issued a life insurance policy, payable if they died of fright. Begging the question: Would anyone die of fright at a movie shot in Chino?)

* Elsewhere in his “Danse Macabre” essay collection, King “namechecked ‘Massacre At Central High’ which is top-heavy on Claremont College locations (like ‘Teen Wolf Too’…).”

* Don concludes: “Oliver Stone’s 1981 horror film with Michael Caine, ‘The Hand,’ has a few scenes where arguably the biggest star ever to shoot in Cucamonga (accompanied by D-Day from ‘Animal House’) drinks heavily and picks up a stripper at the lamented, notorious Cowgirl strip club.”

Sounds like another Michael Caine high point. The Cowgirl was in the current Omaha Jack’s location on Foothill.

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