A little too relaxed

A store named Relax the Back opened in Rancho Cucamonga probably two years ago; I received a press release about it, thought it sounded interesting and jotted down the address on Foothill Boulevard. I did an Internet search to figure out precisely where, Foothill being a loooong street; the store, one of a chain, was in the Foothill Crossings center at Interstate 15, near Sears Grand.

For the next two years, I would periodically remember that I wanted to see what the store sold, yours truly being perpetually tight-shouldered from hunching over a keyboard most of the time. But I rarely go to the Victoria Gardens area, and when I do, it’s usually on a tight schedule. Or the store’s existence wouldn’t cross my mind.

Finally, today, on a day off, I set out on a mission. I drove to the VG for some shopping and then, at last, went across the street to check out Relax the Back.

After some driving around, I found the store. It’s empty. It’s closed for good.

Serves me right for taking such a relaxed approach to the whole thing.

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  • Bob House

    Speaking of relaxed approach . . . on my way to your blog tonight I clicked first to the Daily Bulletin’s home page. Top center on the page, under “Breaking News,” was “Book Club Meeting at San Bernardino Museum.”

    [“Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Book club meets at San Bernardino Museum!” — DA]

  • DAve

    All this is very fine but KCAL9 reports that Farrell’s is making a comeback into CA…. somehow this may redeem this situation.