Reefer Bulletin Madness

Reader Dennis Sampson writes, apropos of nothing, but entertainingly:

“Have you ever seen ‘Reefer Madness,’ the campy, corny movie from the early ’30s which deals with the scourge of marijuana smoking and its effect on America’s youth? Recently it was on one of the cable channels and I watched it.

“Near the beginning, there is a part where several front pages of different newspapers, one at a time, come spinning towards the camera. Each one stops briefly, allowing the viewer to read the name of the newspaper and the headline, which is always some shocking news about the evils of marijuana.

“The very first newspaper to be shown is the Daily Bulletin. I know that wasn’t the name of our paper yet, but I did enjoy seeing the name there.”

Correct, we were the Daily Report and the Progress-Bulletin in the 1930s. Haven’t seen the movie, no, but I imagine if I did, I’d have a chuckle, and perhaps even a contact high, from seeing any newspaper named The Daily Bulletin onscreen!

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  • Don J

    Although it lacks the expected drug jokes, the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin is seen in a headline announcing Ted’s wedding at the end of “Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey.”

    [Really? I’ve never seen the sequel. Now I have to! — DA]