Traffic advisory continues in Montclair

Central Avenue above the 10 Freeway is now nice and smooth, as is Monte Vista Avenue, after recent repaving that narrowed lanes and choked traffic.

However, the lanes are not yet striped, only marked with those Post-It note-like temporary markers. Painting the lanes, whenever that occurs, could mean more inconvenience for motorists.

Thus, your cautious correspondent declines to lift his advisory to avoid Montclair. If you happen to live in Montclair, my advice is to stay below the 10. Repeat, stay below the 10. Thank you.

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  • Rose Bilbo

    Somebody know about the new traffic sign in the 10 Freeway ramp west on Monte Vista Ave. that you can’t turn right on red? The ticket is $447 and many police officers are there, Highway Patrol too. Someone know when the city put this new sign?


    [Must’ve been in the past day or two — I usually, but not always, take that exit myself. Overdue, I’d say. That’s a dangerous turn and it always bugs me when drivers behind me get antsy that I’m not turning. — DA]