Restaurant of the Week: Upland German Delicatessen

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Pictured: A chicken schnitzel sandwich and German potato salad.

Upland German Delicatessen, 983 W. Foothill Blvd. (at Mulberry), Upland

Underneath Upland’s bland exterior lies, let’s be frank, a bland interior. But between the exterior and the interior lies a strata of fascination. Among the denizens of that realm is what I believe to be the Inland Valley’s sole German restaurant.

It’s one of those quiet gems, tucked away in a dull strip mall behind a Taco Bell and near the Hi Brow bar. For some reason I’d never been there before, a lack I remedied on Monday.

Inside, the deli offers a homey environment. There’s a small seating area with glass-topped tables, German postcards visible from under the glass; and a few shelves of market goods, including imported foods, especially chocolates, and Advent calendars. They have German-language magazines and newspapers too. Cheerful German oompah music played softly. A wall was covered in decorative pieces of wood in which mottos were burned in script. The largest read: “Tough times never last, but tough people do!” A good message right now.

At the counter I ordered one of the combo lunch specials, the Stuttgart sandwich (Black Forest ham, mayo, mustard, lettuce, tomato and onion) on rye, with German potato salad, a pickle and an iced tea ($9.15 with tax). The meal came on a sectioned plate with real silverware. Excellent sandwich. I hadn’t had German potato salad: It’s finely chopped baked potato, piping hot, mixed with mustard. Interesting, but not my new favorite dish. I almost never eat more than a bite of a pickle but polished this sweet one off.

They also have wienerschnitzel, bratwurst, braunschweiger and other German foods, and they make baked goods such as tortes and strudels. A server brought by samples of plum torte for customers. It was a topper to a memorable, filling meal.



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  • Bob House

    When did the original Hi Brow in Claremont open a satellite in Upland?

    [You mean “the original Hi Brow in Pomona,” right? It’s on Foothill west of Towne Avenue, after all. Anyway, the Upland location has been there at least since the late ’90s, and probably longer. — DA]

  • Do Upland’s adult stores fall into the strata of fascination? Because they are hardly bland.

  • Scott in R.C.

    I know where I’m having lunch today! Sounds great.

  • stephanie

    I like the writing style of this food review but I wish it had some exclamation points in it to show your enthusiasm. Sounds like a great place to eat!

    [It is!!!!! — DA]

  • carol

    I was wondering if you have those delicious white brats that I remember from my younger days, would like to purchase some for my son who loves German food? Thank you.

    [Uh, you should ask the restaurant directly, Carol, not me. — DA]