George’s Garage, Pomona


Clay Brewington of North Carolina sent the above photo and writes:

“Can anyone identify the man in white in the attached photo circa 1946-1947? Is this George T. Lamberth, owner of George’s Garage?

“The man on the left in overalls is Woodrow Brewington (deceased), an auto mechanic formerly of North Carolina. Woodrow Brewington worked for George T. Lamberth, owner of George’s Garage (1944-1962), originally at 193 E. 5th Street, Pomona. George’s wife
was Zora J. Lamberth (deceased). Lamberth and dates for George’s Garage information source is Bruce Guter, a Pomona Public Library archivist.

“I lived in Pomona in 1946-1947. Woodrow Brewington was my father. Any available information will be appreciated.”

His e-mail address:

Even if we can’t answer Clay’s question about who’s posing with his father, that’s a heck of a jalopy on the right, isn’t it?

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  • Clay Brewington

    David, I appreciate very much your posting of the photo of my father and companion taken in 1946 and the jalopy comment. A librarian in Texas is sending me a copy of Mrs. Lamberth’s obit. Perhaps there will be another lead to Mr. Lamberth in the obit. Thanks, Clay.