Thursday (?!) column preview

After the news about Pomona Police Chief Joe Romero being ousted, I thought I’d better write something now rather than wait for Friday. And so I did. Look for that special column Thursday.

And here I thought Ontario was becoming more vicious and political than Pomona. Well, like I always say, never count Pomona out.

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  • Ann

    Thank HEAVENS Upland is so easy going!

  • Ramona

    At least Chief Romero seems to have gone out with some style and grace unlike some other unnamed people.

    I’ll be curious to hear what the former Chief has to say, if anything, in the days to come.

    Politics. Gotta love it. (NOT!)

  • Carol

    Rothman, Carrisosa, Atchley and Rodriguiz are playing the very dangerous game called “cronyism”. I help get you elected, you fire the Chief for us, and make the checkpoints “go away”. Carrisosa, Rothman, Atchley and Rodriguiz along with Habla Pomona may think they won this “match”, but they will soon know what the game is really about when they experience “match/checkpoint.” Pardon the pun.