Sunday column preview

While word was beginning to spread Tuesday afternoon about the Pomona police chief’s ouster, I was obliviously driving to Chino Hills for a tour of the city’s new City Hall.

Well, it needed to be seen at some point. Especially for me, as a critic of sorts of Council Chambers, having visited so many of them. The room is quite impressive, with plenty of seating and a dais that must be seen to be believed.

The press, by the way, is given a nook with a table and leather chairs. As a self-hating newspaperman, I couldn’t bring myself to sit there. It was too nice. I sat in the audience with the hoi polloi; maybe I can work myself up to the luxury seating next visit.

Behind the Council Chambers is a sophisticated audio-visual control room, with a sound mixing board, a recording booth and joystick controls of the chambers’ cameras. (Perplexingly, despite all the gear, meetings are still not broadcast live.)

Rather than the cameras on tripods, each trailing cords, that they had in the old Council Chambers, the new room has four hidden cameras. “They’re HD,” Cattern whispered.

I hope council members are ready for their closeup.

Look for more about my tour, and the novelty of a City Hall next to an outdoor mall, on Sunday.

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  • Bonnie Zeledon

    Well the Rancho Cucamonga sheriff’s dept reallly knows how to ruin people’s holiday spirits….. being a resident for many years and a taxpayer that pays their salaries I have to say that they are cocky and rude… first of all it takes way too long to get up to see the Christmas Lights now on Thoroughbred the way they think they have it wired down and then once you get there the cops are nothing but a pain in the ass… with them driving up and down the streets with their lights on for no reason other than to take away from the people’s homes that are lit up… it sure isn’t like it used to be with carriages and so on and the last two years I have noticed a big difference.. and it is because of the way the Sheriff’s Dept handles themselves up there shame on them isn’t the holidays supposed to be happy???? So quit harassing families and go find some serious crimes to bust up ok people… get real…I had one cocky cop say to me to night “I AM DEAD SERIOUS” what a nice thing to say to a woman in front of her 7 and 8 year old what a joke….LOSER.

  • calwatch

    Are they still wanding everyone that walks through, though?

    [Forgot to mention that — there was no wanding and no visible metal detector. Maybe they gave the guys a night off because of the Christmas choral group that was performing. Or, maybe they’re not doing it anymore. I asked a couple of people and didn’t get a straight answer. — DA]