No need to curb your enthusiasm

Circuit City in Pomona continues its everything-must-go sale. On Sunday, the store was looking a little bare of TVs, cameras and such. I suspect the store will close within days.

DVDs were 40 percent off and that section was seeing plenty of action. If you’re a fan of “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” at least one set from each season was available, at $20.99 rather than $34.99. They were stocked in depth on seasons 4 and 6. (I bought 4 to 6, the only ones I needed, and also seasons 2 and 3 of “Arrested Development.”)

There’s also plenty of copies of “Seinfeld” season 9 at $23.99 rather than $39.99. But on that one, I’m holding off until the sale gets to 50 percent. It’s the only set I need, but it wasn’t a good year.

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  • Eric


    I have been a huge fan of yours for years. But knowing that you just purchased seasons 2 and 3 of Arrested Development (the greatest television show of all time)seals the deal.

    Enjoy. It is a fantastic show.

    [I will, and did. I never missed an episode, but I need to own them on DVD. In part because I remain haunted by the scene in which Buster, with his new hook, strikes a Frankenstein-type pose while shouting melodramatically, “I’m a monster! A monnnnsterrrr!” — DA]

  • Eric

    I think one of the most under-appreciated/under-realized scenes with Buster has to be him, sitting in the stair car, dancing to “Mr. Roboto,” as the actor who plays Buster, Tony Hale, his first gig was dancing like a robot to that song in a Volkswagen, in a commercial for the company. Genius.

    The VW spot:

    The scene from AD appears to be taken off-line…It was in Season 3 Episode 6: The Ocean Walker.

    [I did not know that. There were dozens (hundreds?) of subtle moments like that. For instance, the time when Henry Winkler, as an attorney, stood in front of a men’s room mirror with a comb but, after examining himself and liking what he saw, put the comb away unused. Heeeyyyyy… — DA]