I beg your pardon?

In line Sunday at the Claremont Laemmle 5 to see “Slumdog Millionaire,” I heard the older guy in front of me request a ticket to the new Kristin Scott Thomas flick, as follows:

Man: “One for ‘I’ve Loved You So Long.'”

Male employee in booth: “What?”

Man, louder: “‘I’ve Loved You So Long’!”

Add your possible comebacks below. I’ll start: “Thanks. Now, what movie would you like to see?”

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  • ren

    God, I couldn’t hold back. Here is mine:

    “Wow, I was just going to say the same thing. Here`s my number.”

  • Linda Biscardi

    “Get in line and take a number… you wouldn’t believe how many times I have heard that today…”

  • Grayson’sBama

    “Yes, but I never thought you would actually say it!”