‘Judi’s Journal’

I was reading on our RC Now blog that the “Stud Muffins” authors appeared Tuesday morning on KTLA’s morning news show. Good for them! Co-author Judi Guizado of Rancho Cucamonga is a longtime friend of this blog, as well as of my column. The book is a collection of muffin recipes paired with beefcake photos, hence the clever title.

I immediately went to her blog, Judi’s Journal, hoping she’d written about the KTLA gig, but no such luck; the last entry is from a month ago. But it’s about a KLOS radio appearance, which can’t be that different.

Judi’s a very funny writer and it’s way past time I found an excuse to link to her blog. Especially since she was kind enough, in her blog roll, to put a link to my blog near a link to Dave Barry’s blog. I feel funnier just by the association. (Hers might be the world’s only blog that links to both Dave Barry and Martha Stewart.)

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  • judi

    Wow, David, thanks! You are too, too kind!

    Yes, I know that my blog is a month behind, but these Stud Muffins keep me busy. I will definitely post a very long, descriptive passage about yesterday at the KTLA Morning News shoot, as the experience will be going into my list of the Top Ten Best Days of All Time. (How’s that for a teaser?)

    If anyone wants to see a bit of the fun that went on, check out http://www.ktla.com/morningnews and find the video link to the segment in the box near the top of the page.

    What a week: A feature on the news AND a David Allen blog post. I am not sure I can take much more excitement!! Thanks again!

    [In that case, I’d better tell Dave and Martha to postpone their blog posts about you. (Just teasing.) Glad to have contributed to your good week, Judi. — DA]