Granada’s marquee, revised

“Read David Allen” this week became “Laugh With David Allen.” (Let’s see what Charles Bentley can do with that phrase.) Better “Laugh With” than “Laugh At,” I have to say.


When I took this photo Thursday morning, I heard an amplified voice say, “Good job, David Allen.” I turned but saw nothing. Was it my imagination?

Later in the day, an Ontario police acquaintance phoned to ask if I’d thought it was the voice of God. It was him, speaking through his car’s loudspeaker as he drove by. Except he really said, “Get a job, David Allen.”

He then asked me if I was doing a comedy show at the Granada or something. Nope, they’re just giving me a free plug. Again.

Let me return the favor by noting the venue’s “Rock for Tots” concert tonight from 6 to 11 p.m., featuring eight local bands. Admission is $5 plus an unwrapped toy. The toys will be given to the police and fire departments for their toy drive, venue operator Dave Perez says.

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  • Charles Bentley

    What’s the second feature on the bill … “Rage with Paul Vincent Avila”?

    [Ba-da-boom, ba-da-bing. I knew you’d come through with something, Charles! — DA]

  • Ramona

    Glad to see that others appreciate you and your humor.

    Do ya think Santa will bring the Granada a new and improved alphabet for their marquee? You deserve all upper case letters.

    Wishing you and yours all the best this Holiday Season.

    Or, if you prefer, Merry Christmas! (It never used to be this difficult to spread seasonal cheer.)

    Don’t mind me. I’ve got the Christmas blahs and I’m grumpy.