Circuit City’s last day in Pomona

The store on South Garey * is scheduled to close tonight. I was there Saturday, snapping up more DVD bargains. The price then was 60 percent off, which was set to rise to 70 percent on Sunday and 80 percent today.

Pickings were becoming slim on Saturday — which is part of the fun in these things — but I got the first season of “Saturday Night Live” for $20 (regularly $50) and the ninth season of “Seinfeld” for $16 (regularly $40). I also picked up a few $10 movies for $4, including the last copy of “Million Dollar Baby,” and “I’m Not There” for $8.80 rather than $21.

If you have a fan of “24” on your shopping list, there were multiple seasons still available Saturday, more than of any other TV series. Jack Bauer apparently isn’t as hot as he used to be.

The store’s address is 2735 S. Towne — strangely, since the main entrance is off Garey.

I was reminded, however, that chasing discounts can be fruitless. I already wrote about excitedly buying seasons 4 to 6 of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” for 40 percent off, or $20.99 rather than $34.99. Since then most copies were sold, so it’s not like I acted too rashly. But I saw all the seasons at Rhino Records on Saturday for $20 each, new.

Just when I’d stopped kicking myself — besides saving 99 cents each, I’d rather have given my dough to a local store anyway — I saw Sunday’s circular for Best Buy, which is pricing every season at $17.50.

Oh well. Even $20.99 is pretty cheap, isn’t it?

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  • Annie

    In addition to saving 99 cents, Rhino, unlike Circuit City, won’t pressure you into buying an overpriced extended warranty.