• Ramona

    Anyone who thinks they wouldn’t benefit from a bit of mental health help these days just doesn’t understand the situation.

    All good wishes to you, David, for a happy and prosperous 2009. Your humor over the past months has helped a lot of us maintain a degree of sanity in the midst of chaos.

    When you’re not making us laugh, you’re making us think. It’s all good.

    [I always appreciate your comments, Ramona, but especially this one. — DA]

  • http://www.myspace.com/the_ron Ronald Scott

    Hey Happy New Year’s Dave…it was great meeting you and I’ll probably see you at the next comic convention on January 17.

  • http://goddessofpomona.com Goddess of Pomona

    And quite fitting, as Tri City was home to one of the few good things that happened in Pomona this year: the Tri City community garden. It’s still up and running, being maintained by Farmer Randy and a few locals, tho I’m told the new staff at Tri City has pretty much abandoned it.

    I am really trying my hardest over here to be optimistic about 2009. Please join me for a toast with that thought in mind…

    G of P

    [I’ll always toast Pomona’s health. And my 2009 will brighten if you update your own blog more frequently, G. — DA]