Sunday column preview

A few weeks back, when I announced the closeout sale at Virgin Megastore at Ontario Mills, reader A.S. Ashley told me he went there, found nothin’ and returned home.

Yours truly, by contrast, was still finding stuff worth buying as late as this week. I must have lower standards. (Although until a few days ago, there were still copies of “Exile on Main Street” by the Rolling Stones, my choice of the best album of the rock era.)

Sunday’s column is about the closeout sales at Virgin (which is set to close Sunday) and Circuit City in Pomona, which closed a while back. And that prompts a meditation on both bargain-hunting and the demise of record stores.

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  • A. S. Ashley

    Maybe my tastes are more obscure. I was looking for specific albums by some strange artists.

    And the ones I found were only 20 percent off, not the 50 percent advertised.

    Now, if you can find me some CDs by The Residents at a discount…

    [The guys with the eyeball masks? Well, good luck with that. — DA]

  • RK


    If you see either Who’s Next or London Calling the next time you go to the Virgin Megastore, pick them up for me. *Those* are the best albums of the classic rock era. (Granted, Exile is in the top ten…)


    [I love ’em both. At one point “London Calling” was my No. 1 album, but then “Exile” shone a light. — DA]