R.I.P.: Sansai Grill, Upland

Tried to have lunch Monday at Sansai Grill, a fast-casual Japanese place in the Mountain Green Center in Upland, but found the door locked and the interior cleaned out.

Too bad. I wouldn’t have had sushi there, but they had a nice seared ahi tuna sashimi salad, and the salmon bowl, which was actually a plate, was good too.

Oh well. The La Verne location is still in business at 1263 Foothill Blvd.

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  • Eric


    Actually the La Verne Sansai location sold a few months ago. The new owner had an agreement to keep the Sansai name until the end of the year. The new restaurant is called Mikuni but is suppose to serve the same type of food.

    [Oh. It’s still on the Sansai website, I phoned Monday and I thought (but perhaps was mistaken) the woman answered “Sansai.” — DA]

  • Scott Peterson

    Hi David,

    I read your blog often, and really enjoy it. I grew up in Upland, and now live in Rancho Cucamonga.

    Anyway, there is another SanSai Grill at Day Creek and Baseline, near the Henry’s Market.


    [There is? OK then. — DA]

  • meg

    Sheesh — it seems like they just opened. I never managed to get there, but I’ll try to hit the La Verne one before it too folds its tent and slinks away in the dark of night.

  • Oak Park is now gone, as well.

  • Lisa

    I eat at the formerly San Sai (now Mikuni) in La Verne often. I have qualms because I wonder if they are violating any sort of copyright or infringing any rights using the San Sai menu under their own name. Maybe they do not want to pay franchise fees. I love the salmon salad.

    [I keep forgetting to go there, but I always loved the salmon salad at San Sai. — DA]