Restaurant of the Week: China Point


China Point, 9028 Archibald Ave. (at 7th), Rancho Cucamonga

For my dozen years at the Bulletin, I’ve noticed the aging blue Inland Business Center that has China Point as a tenant — and continued driving past. But on Wednesday I finally pulled in.

China Point’s interior has a ’70s ambiance and feels almost personality-free: one wall mirrored, the other lavender, with generic booths and tables and a few small pictures and hangings for a Chinese touch. If China Point ever lost favor, a taqueria or pizza parlor could take over the dining room with about an hour’s notice. But that’s unlikely, because the restaurant has been there for years and was half full when I went in for lunch (although not half full of Asians).

The China Point menu is separated by price points, with items listed under headings for $6.25, $6.95 and $7.95 — I didn’t see any takeout menus so I’m doing this from memory — with a daily $5.95 special. China Point is old school Americanized Chinese, with chop suey still on the menu, and when you order from one of the no-nonsense waitresses, the default rice is fried.

I got No. 23, shrimp with garlic sauce ($7.95), with steamed rice, hot and sour soup, a wonton and an egg roll. Well, the food was a little better than expected: sinus-clearingly spicy and generous with the shrimp — I counted a dozen, and they were decent-sized. And there was so much food I took home half the entree.

In the hierarchy of Inland Valley Chinese restaurants, China Point falls in the middle: Not truly authentic (Good Time Cafe, Peking Deli), not even moderately authentic (China Gate, Chu Chinese, Dragon Inn, etc.), but well above steam-table outfits.

Incidentally, the fortune in my cookie read as follows: “You will be called to fill a position of high honor and responsibility.”

Well, Obama is still looking for a Commerce secretary…

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