• Randall Volm


    It just so happens, the U.S. Congress approved a 4-month extension — to June 12, 2009 — for the digital transition to take effect. You can read more about it here:

    [Maybe the feds watched the video. — DA]

  • Ramona

    I remember, David, the trouble you were having with the instructions included with your converter box. Were you finally successful in getting it hooked up correctly?

    I outlined my dilemma at the time. Replace a 15-year-old set with a digital-ready set which would fit in the entertainment center. Found one, on sale no less. No, not at Circuit City.

    Also needed a digital antenna. Found one. Right next to the spiffy new TV. I guess I’ll be all set once the inflated credit card balance is paid off — possibly with the help of a tax refund. The additional charge on the credit card pushed me into rewards territory and the reward was a $25 gift card so I guess the mid-western phrase, “It coulda been worse.” applied here.

    Now, if only there were programs worth watching!

    Hope you’re up and rarin’ to go — digitally speaking.

    [I am, Ramona, although the 52 (!) channels and subchannels I can now pick up don’t include channels 7 or 9. Sigh. — DA]