Remembering the Noble Inn


Remember the Noble Inn in Upland? Joe Mannella does, and for good reason:

“I happened to come upon your blog looking for more information about my dad’s restaurant, The Noble Inn, 1171 E. Foothill Blvd. in Upland. Those were the good old days. He was a baker and it opened in 1951 as a bakery. Bringing in partners they opened The Noble Inn in 1953 using freshly baked bread. A huge sign on the top of the building read ‘Eat the Noblest Sandwich of All.’

“Dad sold the Noble in 1964 to a cheese company. Years later they tore down the old building and built a new restaurant with the cheese warehouse factory in the rear. Everything was torn down a few years back and I believe a hotel now exists there.”

Over the years oldtimers have mentioned the Noble Inn to me fondly. Anyone else recall it? I love the rooftop sign.

* Joe Mannella also contributed the postcard image, which I added in August 2012.

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  • John from Claremont

    My dad was a plumber, based out of Azusa, but he would rave about the Noble Inn from jobs he’d be on out here in the Ontario/Upland area back in the 1950s and ’60s.

    He took us to the later version of restaurant, but he fondly recalled the nice people who worked there and the fresh sandwiches — especially their “torpedo sub.”

  • Charles Bentley

    While I cannot say that I clearly remember the original Noble Inn, I certainly remember the sign and the site.

    The Noble Inn was always a great place for takeout sandwiches. After the rebuild, the restaurant served good pasta and was a great place for lunch and dinner. I remember some friends who loved their pizza; alas, I never did try one.

    But the original building and sign were a part of the flavor found on the local section of Route 66. I’d love to hear that someone saved the sign, but my fear is it, like the Noble Inn itself, is now just a memory.

  • pat flinn

    i remember the noble inn well. i was not long out of chaffey high (class of ’53) when i first noticed the place. i loved the sandwiches. a few years later i married and while i continued to get noble inn sandwiches, i also used to make subs of my own at home copying the ingredients and procedures i had so often watched as noble inn made my order up.

    there was a gas station next to or close by the noble inn where we purchased our gas for many years. actually, in about 1953 or so, my mother won a tv set at that gas station.

    back to the noble inn, when my brother got out of the service in maybe 1955, he began frequenting the place and met sandra hawley working there. he thought she was the most beautiful girl he’d met, they began dating and before long they were married.

    [what a nice story. thanks for the comment, pat. — da]

  • Linda

    During my high school years, 1955 to 1959, one of my best friends was Norma Mannella. We spent a good amount of time at the Noble Inn. Their sandwiches and bread were the best. Yes, Charles, it is sad that many places like the Noble Inn are only memories…….but good ones!!!

  • Linda Biscardi

    My first job was at a deli on the other side of Red Hill in Cucamonga in 1972 and the Noble Inn sub was the sandwich everyone compared our grinders to. I am happy to say ours were better (lol) but Noble Inn had a big following and used a pretty tasty oil and vinegar dressing on those sandwiches.

  • Raymond Rieger

    I lived on Red Hill on Via Airosa and ate at Noble Inn on a regular basis. They made the best Pastrami Grinders! Nobody makes Pastrami Grinders the way the Noble Inn did.