Super, without the bowl

Continuing my lifelong avoidance of the Super Bowl, I spent Sunday afternoon 1) eating lunch outdoors at The Habit in La Verne, reading the LAT Travel piece on a car trip up the California coast, 2) catching a matinee of “Last Chance Harvey,” the Dustin Hoffman/Emma Thompson romance, at the La Verne Edwards, which drew a good crowd of middle-agers and seniors, 3) mopping my floors and 4) reading from a Harlan Ellison story collection at the Coffee Bean in Claremont, which was at half-capacity, unusually.

I hear the Steelers won. Whatever.

Incidentally, “Last Chance Harvey,” while not brilliant, was charming, as long as you can accept the lovely Emma Thompson as unattached and lonely. The movie is down to two showings per day, and is playing at only this one theater, so anyone so inclined is encouraged to zip over there before Friday.

How did you spend your Super Bowl Sunday?

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  • Scott in R.C.

    I spent my Super Bowl Sunday …. wait for it …. watching the Super Bowl! If you would like a review, I would be happy to oblige.

  • Ramona

    Well, David, there is at least one other person who wasn’t caught up in SB frenzy. Me!

    I hung out around the house, did some laundry, watered the plants, vacuumed, read the DB, did the crosswords (NY Times — halfway done this time before I got stuck!), and took a nap.

    In the evening while the game was on I bemoaned the fact that the rest of the TV listings were in a sorry state. I ended up watching “Throw Momma From the Train” for the umpteenth time, but I like its outrageousness. I could hear the shouting and moaning coming from nearby neighbors’ homes. I hope it was their reaction to the game progress and not a robbery in progress.

    All in all, a rather boring but productive day. Not the kind of stuff anybody would be interested in reading about, but you did ask. Let that be a lesson to you.

  • DAve

    While it’s not what I did on Sunday, “Gran Torino” on the other hand IS brilliant on so many levels… if I had the time I’d see it agin n’ agin.

    Well I guess actually what I did do on Sunday was wish I had time to go see “Gran Torino” again.

    So I guess by salvaging this comment with my last sentence I get the +1 commentsave award ohwell I guess the +1 run-on sentence award remains a distinct possibility.

    [Let’s see how our judges score it…OK, you win. — DA]

  • Ms. Lois

    I visited my aunt in a nursing home. Compared to me you had a wild and crazy afternoon! 😉

    [Everything’s relative. Your afternoon was wild and crazy compared to somebody’s. — DA]

  • Kristin McConnell

    Ha! Got y’all beat! I spent my day in Huntington Beach and in Newport, where I bought a new computer. My day was SB-free, too. I got to watch my 14-month-old son practice walking! 🙂 It was cool!

    [And practice makes perfect. — DA]

  • Doug E.

    I sat on my brick patio here in Chino Hills, grilling steaks, drinking a martini, and reading Raymond Chandler’s The Lady in the Lake, which has shout-outs so far to Crestline, San Bernardino, and the University of Redlands (my alma mater, referred to in the book as “Redlands University” which I don’t think anyone in the real world calls it). Plus I think the whole story is set in Lake Arrowhead, though it’s “Little Fawn Lake” in the book. Every so often the neighborhood would erupt in noise. I understand it was a great game, and I’m happy for the people who are fans, but I wouldn’t trade the way I spent my evening for anything.

    [Don’t blame you, Doug. — DA]

  • Bob House

    Slave to the consumer culture that I am, I watched the game. But Doug E’s steak, martini and Chandler make far more sense. Doug, are you selling tickets to next year’s “Not the Superbowl”? You have increased my respect for the intellectual advantages of U of Redlands.

    David, your outings always sound lovely and make me pine for my So Cal roots, but — having come of age in the ’60s Inland Empire — I’m hopeless with public transportation.

  • Shirley Wofford

    I whipped up some guacamole for my husband and ate half of it myself which was just another stumbling block toward a diet I should go on. I like football, but the Super Bowl means nothing to me like the Dodgers or the Lakers. Surprisingly, the game was exciting, but I was rooting for the underdog. I had heard that Obama had chosen the Cardinals, and he has also expressed his favoritism for the White Sox vs the Cubs. That man is making a big mistake by choosing sides.

    Speaking of “Gran Torino” — I am still in shock over Clint Eastwood not getting some kind of Oscar nomination. He put out two great movies this year — at least one of them should have garnered him something.

    I am also in shock that Kristen Scott Thomas was overlooked by the Oscars. Also, tonight, I read some really nasty comments that Mickey Rourke has made about Sean Penn. Well, I guess he hasn’t quite shed his bad-boy ways.

    [A colleague just mentioned that he saw “Gran Torino” and “The Wrestler” the same weekend and was surprised to find he liked “GT,” and Eastwood, more than “Wrestler” and Rourke. And he’s a wrestling fan. — DA]