RC loses Long’s, gains Valero

Your Rancho Cucamonga business report:

* The Long’s Drugs location at Haven and Base Line closed a couple of weeks ago, a victim of the chain’s purchase by CVS, reports reader Marilyn Varney. Don’t know what this means for other Long’s in the valley, or whether all or any will reopen as a CVS.

* The long-closed Mobil (I think) station at Arrow and Vineyard is going to reopen as a Valero station. Just saw the banner on my lunch hour Monday. The station is half-hidden behind a berm of lawn at the corner and you’d hardly know there was a gas station there. Which may be one reason it failed.

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  • Ramona

    I stopped taking prescriptions to Long’s many years ago because either the pharmacist or the pharmacist’s clerk got the dosage wrong on two occasions. One time — everyone makes mistakes. Twice and I’m outta here.

    CVS welcomed me with open arms and accuracy. The pharmacy people don’t take offense when I open the scrip bottle to assure that the right stuff in in there. In fact, several times the clerk has verbally patted me on the back for my diligence. They’re also very helpful with contacting my doctor when necessary and answering questions. Never got that service at Long’s.

    I also used to trade at the Mobil (you’re correct) station in question at Arrow and Vineyard. I had problems there with wonky gas and the owner who always tried to add additional work that I knew I didn’t need when I went in (once) for routine service.

    I am a paying customer. Treat me right or I’ll move on. It’s very likely that other customers moving on had a great deal to do with these business failures. And others as well.

    Next “movin’ on” step for me? A different physician. The one I’ve got isn’t treating me right, either.

    You decide. Am I a grumpy old crock or a discerning purchaser of goods and services?

    [I vote for the latter. — DA]

  • Ramona

    How very discreet of you!