Seeking closure on closures

Reader Shirley Wofford writes:

“Do you think you could come up with any information on Barbeques Galore, formerly in Upland on Mountain in the Home Depot mall, and Janie’s Sports Lounge, formerly in Montclair? Both businesses have disappeared without fanfare — at least I never saw any news notes on either one.

“I was planning to get a customized fireplace screen and glass enclosure at Barbeques. I thought they would always be there when I finally got around to it. Now, I don’t know where to go.

“Janie’s Sports Lounge was a fixture at the strip mall anchored by Stater Bros. Market (Montclair’s only supermarket) for many years and was very popular with its regulars. I was not a patron, but it always seemed to be an integral part of that neighborhood.”

I have no knowledge of the circumstances of either business’ demise, Shirley, nor do I know where else you might get a customized fireplace screen. Readers?

The owner of Janie’s, Janie McLaren, sent me a nice note a year or so ago, inviting me in for lunch sometime. Sorry to say, I never took advantage of the offer. Oh well. Anyone able to share any memories of the place?

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  • bbq weasel

    Barbeques Galore declared bankruptcy Aug. 15, 2008 and was purchased Sept. 18, 2008 by Taiwanese gas grill mfgr Grand Hall. Barbeques Galore bankruptcy forced them to sell off assets to cover $40 million in debts, thus, many closings.

    Grand Hall still operates 42 Barbeque Galore stores in Ca-Tx-Az and has one in Rancho Cucamonga at 8048 Monet Ave. near Foothill Blvd and Day Creek…and it is open!

    Hope this helps you, Shirley…

    [Thanks. — DA]

  • Dave

    I just went to the Rancho Cucamonga store and was happy to see it fully operational. The staff members were quite helpful and they have a fantastic array of BBQ tools, wood smoking chips, you name it! They are tucked into the Lower 40 of the Victoria Gardens mall, near Richie’s Diner.

  • Shirley Wofford

    Thank you for the information. I will check the store out on my next trip to VG. I hope they are still doing custom fireplace enclosures.

  • Mo

    I am so sorry to hear Janie’s is no more. I only went in a few times but it seemed to be a nice little place. Janie is a very sweet lady. I met her about 20 years ago when she was a bartender at the Hi-Brow in Claremont/Pomona.

  • judi

    Hi David,

    I’m not reporting of any closures (shocker) but rather of two newcomers in my Rancho Cucamonga neighborhood. In the Albertsons shopping center at Kenyon and Milliken, there’s a new coffee shop almost ready to open. The name? Bad Ass Coffee. Directly across the street, construction is starting on a new Mormon church. Ah, the juxtaposition!

    [Things could get jittery…and that’s even before you have any coffee. — DA]

  • mo

    judi, I sure hope you are not too attached to that Albertsons.

  • Coffee hater

    I hate coffee anyways!

  • mo

    judi, I’m sorry. I confused the RC Albertsons. It is the Albertsons on Baseline that will be closing. Your Albertsons is safe for now.