Friday column preview

For weeks I’ve been stymied at trying to watch “Lost,” my favorite show, because with my digital converter, I can no longer get Channel 7. Ah, the wonders of the digital age. ABC never came in well with just an antenna, but at least I could watch it. So I’ve been going to friends’ homes to watch the show.

Tune in Friday when I offer an update on the pitfalls of digital TV — but with a (whew!) positive conclusion.

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  • gabe603

    This is for you

    .. all the shows from ABC in crystal clear on your PC.

    BTW it takes me merely 2 seconds to Google the name of the show and the link after that.

    Maybe you should spend a little more time on the PC, and if you are interested in TVs from all over the world, this one will do it:

    I watch my Italian shows here.


    [I have watched TV on my computer to catch up on an “Office” or two that I missed, but I don’t enjoy it. Most of my days are spent sitting at my work computer, leaning slightly forward, hand poised on my mouse. I really don’t want to be in the same position at home, while trying to relax! I want to stretch out on my sofa. — DA]

  • Wayne Kenerson

    Read your column. You must be one of those 6.5 million unfortunates mentioned by Obama that are not yet ready for the digital transition. See — you and your ilk have caused the delay. It is all your fault. Now you are causing trouble nationally instead of just locally. But I forgive you.


    [Well, as long as you forgive me. My ilk is responsible, yes, but I think those 6.5 million are the ones without converter boxes. I’m ahead of them. (We all have to look down at someone, right?) — DA]

  • Scott in R.C.

    “Oh yeah, Libby says hi.”

    [Hurley: “Gaaaah!” — DA]