Sunday column preview

Sunday’s column is mostly about this week’s Ontario council meeting, which provided plenty of fodder on such topics as Mayor Paul Leon’s duties, Mayor Paul Leon’s personal life, a lawsuit by police officers, plans for Guasti and the loss of sound for viewers at home. They may have been the lucky ones.

In addition, there’s an item about an unsung bookstore in Claremont and an explanation of why my column won’t be in the paper next week: I’m on furlough. Well, that’s the way things go in the new depression.

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  • Goddess of Pomona

    On furlough? What exactly does that mean. Or do we have to wait to read all about it in the paper?

    [A week off without pay. — DA]

  • Jim

    First it was the Christmas Parade. Now this! This is troubling trend indeed. You’re in good company though.

  • Ramona

    What a sorry turn of events. Who else on the staff is caught up in this enforced vacation? I would hope that many of those at the “executive” level will be giving up a week’s salary for the cause as well. (I know. Dream on.)

    Are you at least planning an adventure or two during your “holiday” that we will be reading about when you return?

    All this even after the subscription rate was increased!

    Hang in there. Better days are a-comin’. If things get too rough I have a freezer full of Lean Cuisine that I bought on sale and I’ll happily share.

    [Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. And yes, everyone from the big boss on down is affected. Also, most newspaper revenue is from advertising, not subscriptions, and obviously the recession means fewer ads. Except for going-out-of-business sales. — DA]

  • Letitia Adele

    Greetings from Portland:

    Dear Mr. Allen,

    I thoroughly enjoyed your piece on Portland. We’ve lived here five years now, and yes, the tattoos never ceases to amaze us.

    My husband has just gotten news of a possible transfer to the Los Angeles area.
    We lived there for many years although mostly in the Santa Barbara area. We are in the motion picture business and have been self employed for over 23 years.

    Working on most feature films, our business has kept us quite busy in Canada, and I’m sorry to say many of our friends in this business have been struggling in Los Angeles for years now.

    Aging parents and two struggling adult children are calling us back to the land of sunshine.

    Finally to my question:

    I’ve been reading your blog, and as I’ve said, I enjoy it very much. Trying to get a feel for Claremont, and what it has to offer, has been challenging from afar.
    It appears that the community offers everything we cherish: theater, arts, tree-lined streets, an educated community with a balance of conservative and socially responsible values.

    My only real concern is the air quality. How do you handle it? Is it as bad as all the data shows? I have two children at home, ages 11 and 13, and their physical health is of course a primary concern.

    Your thoughts on any of my comments would be appreciated.



    [Well, Claremont is no Portland, but then again, there’s no chance of seasonal affective disorder from gloomy weather here. Seriously, I understand your concern about smog. The air here is much better than it was a couple of decades ago but far from perfect. Obviously there are thousands of children surviving quite well in Claremont. Come down for a visit and see how you like it. Claremont would be the best city in the immediate area for a mini-Portland experience. — DA]