Off this week

As noted here previously, I’m on furlough this week — no work, no pay, for those who don’t know the term; everyone in our chain is affected at varying points in February and March — so don’t look for much activity here. There will definitely be a Restaurant of the Week on Friday. I’ll stop by here once or twice per day to approve and post comments.

What can I tell ya? The economy affects newspapers too.

But this would be a good week to catch up on posts you’ve missed, via the categories along the right. You can find the last several months of my columns at

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  • Warren


    First – Thanks for forwarding the email for me to Monty.

    Second – At least you’re still working.


    [I know it, Warren. — DA]

  • Dwain Kaiser


    I’m sorry to hear about the forced time off…hopefully you’ll be able to use it to catch up on your reading, movie watching, etc., etc.

    I’d say traveling but the ol’ joke comes to mind: When I’m working I don’t have the time to travel, when I’m not working I don’t have the money to be able to afford to travel.

    (The nice thing about writing for a living, you can also backstock a few columns for those times when the muse doesn’t come a knocking.)

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  • Steve

    David, I know how time off without pay must hurt some, but you will live. I know the last time the economy was like this. Pomona Unified was hurting. As an administrator I suggested to my fellow administrators that we should give up one day a month without pay to save jobs for the hourly folks. I thought I was going to be attacked. Seems most people at the top feel bad but won’t give up a thing. So my hat is off to you.

  • Doug from Chino Hills

    But… but you can blog in your downtime, right? Is blogging considered part of your paid work? Can’t you blog? CAN’T YOU BLOG?? (Increasing note of hysteria.) Who will recommend restaurants in the Inland Empire and share readers’ memories on buildings in our area that have been torn down and stuff??

    … oh, you do say that there’ll be a restaurant of the week on Friday. OK, that will have to hold me over, I guess. Enjoy your time off!

  • Scott in R.C.

    Steve, I wish the administrators in all districts shared your views. I believe the teachers wouldn’t mind, if given the choice of that or being laid off. The unions and administrators need to come together to work through these difficult times. Unfortunately, it sounds like pink slips will be coming out soon. They already started in the Etiwanda District. Remember who end up suffering, the kids in the classrooms.

  • Ronald Scott

    Hey, have you tried Burger Bar on the corner of Foothill and Indian Hill? Finally Claremont has another burger place and it is good.

    [Good to hear. I’ll get over there sometime soon. — DA]

  • JR

    Hello Sir,

    Sorry to hear that you are off this week. I will miss your daily notes. However it was great to see you at Sal’s yesterday. Hope you enjoyed your lunch (did you try the Sal’s Special?) and keep on supporting La Verne in these rough times by shopping in our neck of the woods.

    La Verne

    [Hi, JR. A La Verne friend kindly offered to buy me lunch and so I picked Sal’s Pizza and Bagelry. It was a previous Restaurant of the Week, only I had the bagels before, not the pizza. Didn’t have the Sal’s Special this time but liked what I got (anchovies, mushrooms, olives). You saw me, eh? Hope I didn’t have pizza sauce on my chin. — DA]

  • DMH

    It’s really sad that the reporting isn’t what it used to be. I think that if the Daily Bulletin was owned by people who lived here and actually cared what happens here — the paper wouldn’t be so obsolete.

    I grew up reading newspapers (and I’m really not THAT old) for unique insight into what was happening across the country (LA Times) and local politics/news (Tribune).

    Now — there doesn’t seem to be anything unique about the paper — except for David Allen. Where can I get updated information about local politics? The Bulletin has a little section that states what is going on but there is no reporting…

    I admit I enjoy your “restaurant of the week,” but you are so much more! Only you can sit through a Pomona or Ontario council meeting….

    My family misses you….

    [Thanks for the kind words. If it’s any consolation, I timed my furlough for a week when there were no Pomona or Ontario council meetings. — DA]

  • DDP

    Ontario has a general plan meeting tonight, we will miss you!!

    [I’ll be next door at the Ontario Library watching “The Caine Mutiny”! — DA]

  • Mv

    A week without David is a week without sunshine.

    Hurry back. Oh the insanity.


  • craig hellman

    everyone thought i was NUTS but i told you SO!!! WAMU – fraud