12 years

Today is my 12th anniversary at the Daily Bulletin. Yes, it was on March 10, 1997 that yours truly first reported for work. Nobody’s told me to stop so I keep right on coming in.

Even though the fourth-graders I spoke to last week were stunned to hear I’d been at this newspaper longer than they’d been alive, it doesn’t feel like all that long to me. And, y’know, I like to think I have a few good years left. With luck, the Daily Bulletin does too.

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  • John Clifford

    Congratulations. 12 years covering Pomona could cause one to lose one’s hair and . . . oh . . .

  • Ms. Lois

    Congratulations David! It doesn’t seem that long does it? Hey, isn’t your birthday around here somewhere?

    [This Saturday. Quite a memory you’ve got. — DA]

  • ren

    Right on Dave 12 years cool

  • Larry

    Congratulations! 12 years, wonder how many restaurants that would be. Happy Birthday also.

    [Interesting how the first four comments are all from Pomona people. You guys are bloggin’ fools. — DA]

  • OK, time for an Ontario person to weigh in here. Happy anniversary, and I hope that both you and the Daily Bulletin are around for a long time to come.

  • upland weasel

    David…up here in “The City of Gracious Living” we wish you a very happy 30th birthday and offer our congrats on your 12th year at the Bulletin …right out of high school and onto the big city paper…whattaguy!!

    [*chuckle* — DA]

  • Scott in R.C.


    Congratulations on both the 12 years and the upcoming birthday. You must be one of the vets down on Fourth Street.

    Any plans for a birthday pie on Saturday?

    [Mmmm….birthday pie. — DA]

  • Eric

    David: Congrats on a dozen years from La Verne…. maybe you should review a donuts (or bagel) shop next?

    [I could get a dozen from your city’s Miss Donuts and Bagel… — DA]

  • Charles Bentley

    Those 12 years at the IVDB, do you look back on them as the “Dirty Dozen”? If it’s true with six you get egg roll, does it then follow that with 12 you get pie? (By the way, any relation to R.S. Allen?)

    Congratulations on your longevity and your dedication to craft. Your readers are fortunate to have such a tremendous wellspring of quality writing, entertainment and information. Best wishes for another 12 years, if the industry can survive that long!

  • Bob House

    Congratulations on your anniversary, David! I hope you, the Daily Bulletin and the newspaper industry keep on keeping on.

  • Gene Harvey

    Hey David:

    Judy and I send you our heartiest and sincere congrats on these 12 years. You have added much (and continue to do so) to our lives. We live many adventures, restaurants and places vicariously through you that we simply don’t have the time for.

    Do you remember that day ‘way back when you and I first met in the line at the Dave Barry book signing in Pasadena? When you asked me what town in the Daily Bulletin readership area I was from, and I told you “Pomona,” I had no idea that the next few years (this past decade) was to find you really enjoying the historical and distinctive aspects of Pomona and causing us to enjoy and appreciate it all the more. We were new in Pomona at the time you and I met (transplanted from Claremont!) and you (a Claremonter, yourself) have helped us enjoy our “new” digs.

    You are certainly one of the (if not THE) highlights of the Daily Bulletin. The state of your industry is very worrisome. Please don’t let it go away! We love your blogs, but the comic pages don’t come with it!

    [Gene, always a pleasure to hear from you. How could I forget being “recognized” while in line at a book signing in Pasadena? It was a nice boost. And no, I’d never have suspected then (’99?) that my columns would take such a local turn. My thanks to you and Judy for hanging in there as readers. — DA]

  • Tad Decker


    Let me add my “Pomona” thanks (to the many others), for the great public service you provide in your column and blog!

    I certainly appreciate your humorous take on things local and regional, but what I would especially like to commend you on is your coverage of city council meetings –especially those of Pomona and Ontario, which you have been so diligent to attend.

    It is without doubt that our local officials often provide bountiful comedic material, but what I deem most important about your work is the light that it shines on their actions. As the local paper becomes less willing or able to provide coverage of elected officials, the chance that their machinations will pass under the radar is high.

    It is probably a foregone conclusion that papers will be conducting less and less of the investigative journalism which keeps politicians in line — so thanks for your part in keeping tyranny at bay. Hey, it’s a big job but somebody has to do it…

    [The fact that it’s the humor columnist who has to do it is kind of funny in itself. But I agree with everything you said. And thanks. — DA]

  • Debbie Council

    Belated Happy Anniversary, David. I was just thinking to myself this morning that it was 11 years ago end of January that I came on board. You’ve given the DB readers many years of good laughs!

    Anyway, I was checking online this morning to see what the DB had to say about the Claremont man who was injured in that fall in Joshua Tree Sunday when his climbing buddy fell to his death. Didn’t see it unless it was in your paper yesterday. It was just in our headlines this morning.

    Two former editors that were at the DB are at our Desert Sun now — James Folmer is the Valley Community Editor (more recently from Redlands Daily Facts?) and James Meier (The Sun) is the Business Editor. Gina Tenorio is a writer too. Can’t wait to see what you have to say about Obama’s visit!


    [Nice hearing from our former society editor, now retired in Indio. — DA]