Restaurant of the Week: Toro Sushi & Grill



This week’s restaurant: Toro Sushi & Grill, 1520 N. Mountain Ave. (at 6th), Ontario.

A couple of years back Toro moved from Chino to Ontario into the new neighborhood center at Mountain Avenue and the 10 Freeeway. It’s a large, high-ceilinged place in modernist style, done mostly in black, with a few Japanese accents. But the prevailing spirit may be best symbolized by the Raiders plaque behind the sushi bar and a nearby sign reading “Macho sushi $4.50.”

Toro seems somewhat bar crowd-oriented, but the food’s not bad. I’ve had the salmon skin salad ($7.50) and liked it. This week I had albacore sushi ($4), yellowtail belly sushi ($5.50) and a salmon skin cut roll ($6). The fish seems fresh and the presentation is nice, if slightly flashy, with sauces drizzled across two of the three orders. Toro also has grilled seafood, chicken and steak entrees from $10 to $30.

I would compare Toro to Kabuki in Victoria Gardens or Sakura Ichi in Pomona as slightly upscale, untraditional takes on sushi — not the best, but above average.

Toro should work on its motto, though. According to the takeout menu, its mission is to “touch and embrace our customers hearts and souls, as well as their pallets.” Please take your hands off my flat wooden transport structure.

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