Obama coming to Pomona

Isn’t that something? Just days after he mentioned Pomona’s Village Academy in a speech, Spider-Man’s pal President Obama announced plans to visit Pomona in person.

On Thursday, says LA Observed, the president will visit the Edison International Vehicle Electrics Plant. Here’s a USA Today story about the plant, although it’s light on details.

I think while Obama’s in town, the presidential motorcade should make a point of driving past Donahoo’s Chicken to view Pomona’s contribution to rooftop poultry art. Even better, he could stop inside for a box lunch.

Any other suggestions for the president’s visit?

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  • DDP

    He could use the Ontario Airport. Ontario is only 9 miles away from Pomona versus Long Beach being 41 miles from Pomona. A little carbon here and little carbon there ??

    […and pretty soon you’re talkin’ real carbon, right? — DA]

  • Jaime

    ontario airport is not a major airport like LAX.

    [True, but he’s flying into Long Beach, not LAX. — DA]

  • Joe

    He should definitely partake of some Vietnamese chow at Pho Vi.

  • Don J

    Sorry Dave come lunchtime Obama will be down by Pho 54 — the Electric Vehicle Technical Center is a block south.

    265 N. East End Avenue, Pomona, California 91767 909-469-0289

    That means the President’s Civic Ambassador of Pomona will be Mr. Milk Bottle;

    [Oh, so maybe he’ll be taking Indian Hill — and, as you say, passing by Mr. Milk Bottle. He could stop at Mix Bowl! Or Juanita’s! — DA]

  • Scott in RC

    George W. Bush flew into ONT a couple of years ago in Air Force One. Quite a sight! The plane, not him.

  • Julie in RC

    He can stop by and have lunch at our house. He loves chili. I can do that. :>)

  • DDP

    Ontario not a major airport?? Ontario has over 10 carriers that go to over 22 destinations in the United States and Mexico. That beats Long Beach. Ontario has the longest runway between Long Beach and LAX. Obama could have the old terminal all to himself. I hear the artwork in the old terminal is great!!

    [Obama is going from Long Beach Airport to an event in Costa Mesa. Some intrepid soul can do the math on the distance between Long Beach and Costa Mesa and between Ontario and Costa Mesa. — DA]

  • Sam

    I think all that stuff is dumb since our president is coming to a ghetto town he should stop by garey village and check out the avid freshman class which you guys don’t even know what is avid.

  • Bonshiqualaylay Shaniqua Taniqua Bon qui qui johnson

    what do u mean Ontario!! ppsssshhh dont be hating on Pomona…we G-d out!!! shooooot…

  • Linda Biscardi

    How about the “tent city” in Ontario…for a little dose of reality.

  • Andy

    where is the Edison facility? I’ve been in pomona for… 15 years.. have no clue where it is? is it on the south side maybe?

    [The address was given in one of the comments above, Andy. — DA]

  • pat

    I think it’s wonderful that our president will be coming to our hood!!!!!

  • jesscia s

    am currently a student at village academy high school and dats great dat he is trying to make a diffrene

  • Maybe Obama could take a quik ride down Holt when Pimpin Young has em out… they seem to be workin early morning hours lately. Perfect timing!

    I mean it’s not like Obama has to stop by any So Cal mortgage companies.

    Maybe he could stop by the 36th floor @ 1999 Avenue of the Stars (or perhaps it’s 10250 Constellation Blvd., Suite 3400) after the Jay Leno taping, and he can have a talk with some bonus-receiving executives over there about getting our dayum money back.

    I cant stand watching Manchester United soccer games cuz of those damn jerseys.

  • Andy

    DA – thanks for the heads up. I realized that the addy was up there 2 mins later… didn’t read all the comments. Scouted it out last night around midnight and cops where already on the street. The Village Academy.. had no idea it’s there.. just thought it was part of the Indian Hills Mall =)) What an excellent across the street field trip.